Five Major Threats To Life On Earth

5 of the biggest threats to human existence

1) Deforestation

Resulting in the transformation of human beings how they fixed their environmental community to settle down itch. Previously, as hunter-gatherers, they only see themselves as part of the landscape, but the development of extensive destruction of wilderness areas and investment in agriculture in your entire life concept a relatively small patch of land needed conducive farmland. In some areas, this desire to tame the wild man and nature have two rest tragic consequences, some areas become desert wasteland and shrubs. In Africa, for example, in the Sahel region of farming has caused a huge expansion of the Sahara Desert to the south. China has had to resort to planting a huge ‘green wall’ to hold back the expansion of the Gobi Desert; according to most sources, the project will take at least four years to complete.

Deforestation, particularly in tropical regions of the current mass extinction of species, there are many signs of forest animals, such as the main reason for our great ape relatives predicted to disappear in the next decade or so wild. Looking back in history, especially the impact of European history, deforestation is obvious. At the end of the last ice age, a huge deciduous forest covers almost the entire continent, but as a few years later, causing forest decline to the point where the Roman era human activities, it has almost disappeared. Today, this once great forest to survive only in inaccessible mountainous areas, the only notable exception is the Bialowieza forest in eastern Poland, which is still standing in some way failed to protect any nearby mountains. It as a great European Wildwood last stop. In recent times, humans have made the surprising discovery that widespread deforestation, climate change, destruction of the earth’s carbon dioxide immersed natural ability. Scientists have begun to wonder whether the human major human tragedy, such as the Black Death, which wiped out more than half the population of Europe in the 14th century led to significant changes in climate. Research on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in Greenland show that significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, 282 parts per million in 1350 decreased 至 276 ppm in 1500 from, there are also a corresponding fall in temperature during this period, which has a long period of time is called the “Little Ice Age.” The most likely cause of this cooling is significantly reduced population and carbon black plague through productive activities, such as agriculture, wood burning and deforestation is stopped.

One study showed that the effect is very close to another major tipped the world into an ice age, although belatedly may now be injected large amounts of carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere indefinitely postponed because of deforestation process began about 10,000 years ago this process is greatly accelerated at the beginning of the industrial revolution of the 18th century, and today continues unabated.

2) overpopulation

For thousands of years, the human population remained at a fairly stable 5,000,000. Then, with the birth of agriculture and civilization after the birth, the human population out of control, thus piling huge pressure on the environment. Through Jesus Christ, the first after being reclaimed, only 8000, when the human population has increased to about $ 20 billion.

By the early 19th century, the human population reached almost one billion marks. At that time, the British economist Thomas Malthus published a forecast called impending disaster article. He claimed that in five years, mankind will rise to such an extent that there would be enough food to sustain it. He has identified the problem is far more than the population growth of food, the feed rate of the earth may be generated faster. If from human vices, such as the disaster caused by the war, there is no reduction in the number of human beings enough, so naturally will take over, in the form of disease, famine, and hunger, until the proportion of the population’s food supply restore proper balance.

Modern achievements seem to indicate that he is indeed from any other species that once lived and different. After all, what other creatures have managed to interrupt, modify, and even with the competition, capturing nature’s oldest operating system? As dire warnings of Thomas Malthus; When he died in 1834, the population has just passed the one billion mark. To 1928 it had reached two one billion; to 1961, three billion; to 1974, four billion; to 1987, five billion; to 1999, six billion, in 2011, seven billion. The growth rate is such that for each additional one billion people to join, it takes about half the time to add a one billion or more. A substantial decline in child mortality has been associated with greatly extended life. Artificial fertilizers, medicines, improve health, fossil fuels, industrialized cities, mass production, organic chemistry, and vaccination is the cause. It is estimated that the world population is increased by about 211,090 per day.

3) Climate change

History is full of the great inventor and chose the largest of which are likely to be asked what you can do one of the most difficult tasks. However, if you are asked to choose the most unfortunate of all time inventor, then it must be a Thomas Midgley, who he is producing is called tetraethyl lead (TEL) a new organic engineer. General Motors, which Midgley worked find that it can be added to gasoline to make the engine run faster company. But the effects of lead poisoning became apparent in the early to Midgley, who was forced to take a year off work. Lead poisoning has been shown to cause insomnia, weight loss, learning difficulties, and even premature aging.

Later, after the phone fiasco, Midgley appliances are committed to finding new refrigerant. He discovered how to synthesize chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), quickly became widely used in household refrigerators and spray around the world. However, it was found that these man-made chemicals in the Earth’s upper atmosphere rampant.

UV radiation CFC molecules are responsible for flood damage Earth’s ozone layer so that potentially fatal cancer from the sun down to the Earth’s surface produced. So serious is the problem that almost every country agreed to stop production of CFCs in 1987. Nature has left the responsibility to repair damage, but ironically, the ban on CFCs may exacerbate the problem of global warming, because of these chemicals, at least provides some protection against infrared radiation in the upper atmosphere.

The above story illustrates just what seemingly innocent act of a person, how can the world and it’s such a profound impact on the environment. Of course, the current climate change events, we are experiencing has not been Midgley and his invention caused. Rather than its origin living in the mid-18th century, when the Industrial Revolution began in the middle of England. This marks the humans taking the guise of a massive volcano and began pumping large amounts of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. As early as 1750, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere only when 283 ppm, today that figure has risen to 383 ppm of. So it comes as little surprise to admit that we live in the world of ice melting, moving rainfall patterns, floods, drought and destruction of crops, settlements and living in extreme weather events. This will be the future impact of climate change? Nobody knows for sure.

4) man-made pollution

Thomas Midgley stories previously mentioned, can be easily applied to the problem of man-made pollution. The main problem with this synthetic material is designed by humans for humans, they have no place or function inherent in the world’s natural ecosystems. Reduction and decay products of nature over time, so that she can re-use the materials without clogging the planet Earth’s environment and waste. Most synthetic plastics material which does not degrade and labor, often can not be recovered.

Unnatural waste problem widely by the American inventor Charles Goodyear in 1839 pioneered the process of proof. By applying heat to natural rubber with sulfur mixed up, he made up a new substance, vulcanized rubber, does not exist in nature, which is perfect for providing gas-tight elastic sealing machines like the steam engine, making them run more efficiently. Later, this flexible but durable material proved to be very suitable for use as a bicycle tire and wheel motor vehicles. However, due to the degradation of vulcanized rubber does not now have such a mountain tire wear, no one knows how they can get rid of. By 2007, the inventory of scrap tires has reached three billion in Europe and the United States more than six billion, with more than 300 million, an annual increase.

Anthropogenic pollution of the rapid decline in the overall biodiversity of the main reasons. Air pollution from burning fossil fuels, causing rain water becomes acidic. Metal casting plant and petrochemical plants are destroyed fragile ecosystems toxic pollutants sources. Landfill methane and release harmful chemicals, such as cadmium, found in waste electronic products, poison the surrounding soil. 2007 Britain has the worst record in Europe, landfill use, discarding some 27 million tonnes of waste into landfills, and now extends hundreds of square miles; Of course, there’s a world of more than 400 nuclear power plants will maintain high toxicity and environmentally harmful waste for up to 10 years generated.

5) meteorite strike

6500 years, a huge meteor measuring six miles across the Gulf of Mexico has the power to hit one billion ten atomic bomb. The shock was so great that their rights spread around the world, half of the world’s plant fire broke out, and before the explosion was so thick, that precious sunshine was refused access to the Earth’s surface over a decade, resulting in a painful the nuclear winter, which is enough to destroy all life nearly 70%. The most famous victim of a huge dinosaur, all of a once mighty dynasty bird with representatives of the rest. Other casualties include all the famous marine reptiles, pterosaurs flying and all the iconic ammonite, which had previously been very rich, survived the Permian mass extinction, which is actually more serious personnel casualties. Survivors have a guarantee that they have some common factors completely post-apocalyptic world to survive; (. Crocodiles, turtles and their relatives) they are small, fast, hardy, able to withstand prolonged numbness state

Today, most experts agree that it is not the case if such a thing happen again, but when. Sometime in the future, a huge meteor comparable size dinosaur killer will crush our fragile world, causing mass extinction of another species, which will likely include ourselves, because we are a large animal. We humans have in-depth study of fantasy and dreams together may prevent this impending disaster way, but the terrible reality is that some of the killer’s target is so dark vastness of space, if one of our leadership, we do not What warning of impending disaster.

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