Five Most Bizarre Blind Dates Ever

We bet you haven’t experienced anything worse than this!

We all love blind dates! Kidding! No one likes blind dates and with good reason. But every once in a while either you or someone you know has been set up for a blind date. Well, iff you are lucky, your blind date will turn out to be you Prince Charming. But if your luck isn’t on your side you might encounter a frog, or maybe worse.

Blind dates do have a thrill of their own. The anticipation of meeting someone new, doing a thorough background check (read: stalk on social media) before the big day, wondering whether you will connect, and finally, the big question – what if the date is creepy or bizarre? Bayside Journal brings to you a list of the most bizarre and creepy blind dates that we found on Reddit.

1. Too Smart for Him

I was at a blind date with a guy who gave me an IQ test. Not questions to tick off, but more of an informal and verbal form of it. When I scored well in the test, he said that he won’t be able to date me because I’m too smart for him, and might make his life difficult. [manufacgated]

2. Ouch!

My blind date used the ‘Mom are you Ok’ app on me as soon as I showed up at her doorstep to pick her up. She opened the door and before I could say anything to her, she answered her phone and said, “Mom, are you okay?”

The app schedules your phone to ring just after you meet your date. If you like him/her you can ignore the call. You answer the phone if you want to cut short the date. [voracread]

3. Creepy!

I was on a blind date with this guy in my house. He went to the bathroom and wouldn’t come out for 20 minutes. What freaked me out was I could hear him continually whispering in a low voice inside the bathroom. He had left his phone outside so it couldn’t have been a phone call. I was waiting out imagining all sorts of things. The worst date ever. [TheLittleRedFox]

4. WTF!?!

I was on a blind date with this guy and everything was going pretty well until the subject of kids came up. He said he never wanted kids; I said neither did I. He suddenly gave me a weird look and said that he could not date me because dating a woman who doesn’t want kids is ABNORMAL. He didn’t want kids but his woman should want them and in turn understand that kids won’t happen with him. [ElizaAstoria]

5. Banned!

I went to a movie with my blind date and we planned to meet at the food court of the theatre. But when I first saw her, boy, was I surprised. She was that fat girl downing an entire pizza all by herself (serious body shaming happening here bro). At the concession stand, she bought another meal to devour during the movie. In the middle of the movie, we got into an argument and she started yelling at me. The authorities at the movie had to escort us outside because of the complaints. The date ended with me not having completed the movie, and being banned from the theatre forever. [TheBruhffalo]

Bet, you haven’t had it worse than these people, or have you?