Flight Attendant Anita Singh Honoured by Air India

We had written about a Facebook post on a flight attendant who had treated a mentally challenged boy with a lot of warmth and kindness on an Air India flight. At the end of it, Anant Rangaswami, a journalist and passenger had hoped Mrs Singh would get his message of appreciation. The post soon went viral and Mrs Singh was officially congratulated by Air India.

Anant Rangaswami was on an Air India flight from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram on Friday, 4 March, when he had noticed what seemed to be a mentally challenged child looking visibly distressed while his parents tried their best to soothe him. At one point, the child flung his food tray sending hot rice, spraying across the aisle. The head of the cabin crew, Mrs A. Singh did not flinch but calmed and comforted the boy throughout the flight, even cleaning up the rice from the aisles. Mr Rangaswami was so impressed by her kindness towards the boy and his parents he shared a Facebook post on his wall, hoping it would reach her and she will know that she is highly appreciated. Her good deed did not go unnoticed and Air India officially sent her a letter of appreciation.

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In a letter signed by the Chairman and MD of Air India, Mrs Anita Singh was congratulated for going beyond the call of duty and ensuring she took care of the family in question. “Your devotion won accolades from all fellow passengers”, said the letter.