Four Steps To Let Your Life Flow Like A Bliss

Fulfill your greatest and often still unknown heart desires and dreams

Creating your life to be a living, flowing meditation completely in sync with Life Itself is a natural desire if you choose to fulfill your innate ability to be a conscious and masterful creator. In this natural ebb, flow and partnership between your daily life and life Itself, you manifest whatever is needed and desired very smoothly and easily.

Way back in the late 1980’s, I had the privilege of meeting and studying with Ron Hall, a spiritual healer who developed and tapped the Awakening energy healing process. Back then Ron Hall was the only individual I had personally met who completely embodied unconditional love. He never had an unkind word for anyone and always understood the conflicting stresses being experienced and grappled with by the persons he met.

Ron offered the same love, ease, and simple unconditional acceptance to everyone he met and interacted with because that was his way of Being. As a result, he enjoyed smooth, loving and deeply intimate relationships with everyone and he lived his life turned into his inner guidance at all times. His life flowed, filled with constant, seemingly miraculous synchronicity.

Ron Hall taught the art of Being to be three-pronged. It is to Allow, Relax and Trust or ART. In this state of Being, you let the nattering little voice in the head take a back seat so as to clear space for listening to your Divine Guidance in each moment. In this state of Being, you accept Grace into your life and allow it to create opportunities that support you and fulfill your greatest and often still unknown heart desires and dreams.

Here are four simple steps you can use to allow your inner Guidance into your life on a more continuous and daily basis:

  1. Take centering deep breaths into your heart area
  2. Ask ‘what’s next?’
  3. Listen within or pay attention to being guided into action that leads to that next step
  4. Rinse and repeat throughout your day.

Source by Angela Chen Shui