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Press releases are a wonderful technique to get free publicity for your company. They have the additional advantage of being free while at the same time providing helpful info. Before you get these benefits , however , you have to learn the way to write a good press release.

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Making ready to Write Your Press Release

There are 2 things you must do before you start writing your press release ( also called media release ).

1. Press releases commence with the most important point and work their way down to the least vital. If you don’t catch your reader’s attention immediately, they will not keep reading to the end. Make an inventory of the points you wish to cover in the media release and list them in order of significance.

2. Press releases answer the questions : who, what, when, where, why and how. Who ( or what ) is the news about? What’s the news? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Why is this news? How will it affect the reader. Having the solutions to these questions before writing your statement makes your job easier.


The headline of a media release is your first opportunity to capture the attention of the reader. A unsatisfactory and uninteresting strap line is a fast turnoff that makes the content of your announcement unimportant.

So, exactly how do you write an attention getting press release headline? Media release reports are written in a press release style and include the corporation’s name.

Include your company’s latest feat, newsworthy event or new product. A simple way to pen a great headline is to collect the main keywords from your press release and form a logical, attention-getting statement from them.

once you the strap line written, correctly format it. Statement press releases are in bold and have a font size bigger than the text of the statement. Always capitalize the first letter of each word, but leave the rest of the headline in lowercase letters. Writing the strap line after the media release is written may make the task far easier.


The first line of a press release begins with the date, city and state of origin. You do not have to incorporate the city and state if, as an example, you are in Dallas and writing about in your company’s California office.

The first paragraph of a media release comes at once after the date and city / state and is basically a summary of the complete statement. Similar to the strap line, the first sentence of this paragraph must capture the reader’s attention while stating exactly what the statement is about. The leftover 1 to 2 sentences explain the main point in extra detail.

The leftover paragraphs elaborate on the outline provided in the first paragraph. Use the lists made before starting writing. The easiest way to write the rest of the statement is to read over your lists and assemble paragraphs about the data you included, keep in mind that the most important point ( s ) come first.

close to the end of the media release, include a “call to action.” This is a particularly crucial part. Without it, your readers won’t know what to do with the data provided. An action call, as an example, may be your need to readers buy a product / service ( include where it’s available ) or enter a competition ( include how to do so ).

extra Points

* Paragraphs are 3-5 sentences in length.

* Press releases are never longer than two pages, with the ideal length being only one. Word count is generally between 350-800 words total.

* The news in the media release should be contemporary and relevant. Don’t cover things that happened a long time back.

* Avoid specialized industry lingo. If it can’t be evaded, include a definition for it.

* Don’t fill your statement with advertisements or it will likely be denied. The point is to provide info about recent events in your company, not sell something.


The conclusion of your press release is where you include info about your company and should have its own title, as an example “About ABC Company.” Describe your company in 5 to 10 sentences. Include contact info. Contact information includes : company name, media contact person, physical address, telephone and fax numbers, business hours, any important e-mails and a link to your internet site.

Put three pound symbols, centered on the page, as the very last line of your press release. This signifies the end of the release.

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Free Press Release Can Do Wonder
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Free Press Release Can Do Wonder
Press releases are a wonderful technique to get free publicity for your company. They have the additional advantage of being free while at the same time providing helpful info
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