From One Prem to Another

An open letter from a Bhai superfan who will always believe in Being Salman

Credit:Bollywood Mantra

Dear Bhai,

I write this letter to you on your 51st birthday to tell you what has been both obvious about and constant in my life – my love and admiration for you. Despite your faults and shortcomings – you are human, after all – I have continued to love you and let things go, just like I do for everyone else that I care for.


My admiration for you was a pre-destined one; all thanks to my mother, who was a fan of your films and decided to name me after your character in Maine Pyaar Kiya. I knew I wanted to be like you when I danced to the song ‘O O Jaane Jaana’ in Grade 7, hoping to make the audience swoon just like you did. For the last eight years, I have unfailingly attended the first show of the first day when your movie has hit the theatres. Such is the extent of my devotion that even the majority of clothes I wear belong to your popular brand of apparel, Being Human.

Credit: Instagram/beingprem
Credit: Instagram/beingprem

What I most connect to is your heartfelt, frank nature, which is the real you. While the world constantly scrutinises and criticises your films, your charity, and your every move, it is your endurance that amazes me the most. I have to confess that every time someone says that we share similarities, I am really flattered.

How can I not talk about the first time I met you in the flesh? You may not remember that one hour from two years ago, but the time we spent together remains one of my most cherished memories ever. Going the extra mile to meet you is something I happily did, and will continue to do. While most fans were desperate to get a glimpse of you during the trailer launch of your movie Kick, there you were right in front of my eyes, being the perfect man that you are – the role you essay the best. Seeing you more than made up for the jugaad I had to do for an entry into the event: I helped out the logistics team and they let me in because they were convinced that I was one of them.

Speaking of roles, there seems to be one in particular that you have consciously been evading for years now – that of a husband. I strongly believe that our love lives are connected, that it is only when you get married that I, too, will settle down.

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-12-27-57-pm Despite the legion of fans and the sheer amount of fame you have earned, there is still a sense of vulnerability about you. This is what sets you apart from the movie stars who are your contemporaries. There are so many things that I, as an admirer, don’t understand about you. But I don’t mull over them or question them. Your extreme and unpredictable nature has landed you in trouble more than once, but something inside you keeps you going. That in itself is enough to inspire an army of fans like myself. The ultimate lesson I have learnt from you is the ability to remain kind and humane in the middle of trying circumstances.

On your birthday, I want to make a wish for you and myself. I hope that you continue to do films that make crowds jump off their seats and dance like no one’s watching. I hope that you find stability and love that lasts a lifetime. Above all, I hope that SRK and you star in a movie together and recreate cinematic history of epic proportions soon. As for myself, I hope that I am able to meet you once again, and that I am able to capture that moment on the camera.

On behalf of millions of fans across the globe, my only message to you is to never stop loving. Love fearlessly and embrace those who accept your love with both arms. For a man who has everything, this piece of advice might sound too miniscule, but it sure feels right.

With all my love and good wishes,

From one Prem to another.