Future Kinect Games 2011


The future kinect games for 2011 are looking really good with the new Xbox kinect controller, with no restrictions the kinect games are so much more intense.

Here are some of the kinect games released in 2011:

Forza Motorsport 4  is the “most expansive and vividly realistic automotive experience across any console.”, but with the new kinect controller it really is going to be very special. You can look at a car from every angle, get inside, and inspect every piece of the car up close. There are hot spots on the car you can touch to get additional information Forza 4 Motorsports

Kinect Sports 2 introduces six new sports – tennis, golf, American football, baseball, skiing and darts – with loads of challenges and activities for everyone to enjoy. There are three levels of difficulty, ranging from rookie to champion.With new Achievements, exciting activities and unlockable avatar awards, every player of every skill will find something to challenge and enthrall them.

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Kinect  is due for release February 2012, the first real kinect shooting game.Are you ready to go to the war in Afghanistan? Defend your base and lock down the streets of the local town. Hunt down the enemy in the forests. Rescue the hostages from the caves. Sweep the enemies out of the mountains. Fly in helicopters.

Xbox Kinect Dance Central 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Dance Central which has been in the top 3 kinect games. Dance Central 2 is as good as the first version but it extends the fun and excitement of the Dance Central experience, introducing new features and improved modes sure to get any party started.Check out the Dance Central 2 song list and how you can add more songs to your song lists.

Just Dance 3 for kinect is one of the most popular kinect games for teens; it features over 40 songs from a wide range of musical genres, including hip-hop, pop, rock, disco, funk, R&B, country and more.

It is a great game to play for fun, it allows those who want to dance a chance to perform in their living room while listen to great tune.. You will have a good workout and get your heart rate up.

Power up Heroes is a superhero fighting game with the kinect controller. Fight your enemy and seize their super suit and abilities to use in your next battle, like the mighty Necromancer suit which allows you to control a horde of skeletons, or the Mentalist suit to break into your enemy’s mind. This has been rated aged 10 and up.

Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster is one of the best kinect games for toddlers. This is a living storybook, now you can play your favorite Sesame Street character or monster and join in the action and become part of a living storybook adventure, helping new monster friends with their problems by exploring the book chapter by chapter. There are a total of six chapters, each taking roughly 30 minutes to complete.

Michael Phelps -Push the Limit  this kinect game brings the intense competition and some of the most realistic simulations ever created. In Career Mode, gamers can work their way up the ranks and travel around the world to compete in progressively challenging events. Go from a heated outdoor pool in an icy mountain range to an arena filled with 80,000 fans. Phelps guides gamers with advice along the road to the “Annual Games” tournament, which features the world’s best swimmers.

So this is just the first few months of kinect games for 2011and there are of course going to be so many more.If you would like to see the trailer videos of any of these games, please got to Future Kinect Games 2012 and preview them.

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