Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2017

From Smartphones to gaming consoles, there is something for everyone in Bayside Journal’s list of gadgets to look forward to in 2017

Are you someone who loves gadgets? If yes, you’re at the right place! Read along as Bayside Journal curates for you a list of exciting gadgets to look out for in 2017.

1. Nintendo Switch
The name ‘Nintendo’ is enough to create mass hysteria among gamers worldwide. Nintendo’s new gaming console seems like something all gamers have been waiting for. It is expected to launch in March 2017, with more details such as pricing to be released on January 12, 2017.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8
Spring 2017 will be Samsung’s opportunity to recover from the pit of despair that the Galaxy Note 7 has put them in. One important thing to look forward to about the S8 is the new artificial intelligence (AI) software, assistant Viv, which Samsung bought from the same people who built Siri!

3. Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone
A screen that can fold? Hell yeah! Samsung has been working on this concept for some time now and has reportedly filed a patent too. It is rumored that Samsung will be launching a foldable Smartphone model in 2017. It will be fun to actually have a phone which you can fold and put into your pocket! Samsung is working on two kinds of foldable phones, one of which will have a dual screen.

4. iPhone 8

The coming year will mark the original iPhone’s 10th birthday. Rumour has it that Apple may come up with major changes in design for its flagship Smartphone. If reports are to be believed, we might have an all-glass screen, new screen sizes, no home button, and also a built-in augmented reality system.

5. A Smart-Watch Made by Google

According to a recent article by Android Police, after entering the phone market and giving tough competition to Apple, there is a huge possibility that Google is about to enter the smart-watch segment that has been dominated by Apple so far.

6. A New Version of Microsoft’s Surface Pro

With the Surface Pro getting an update every year since its debut, it is likely to have a new version in 2017 as 2016 did not see any update. What are you waiting for, Microsoft? Get it done already!

7. New Virtual Reality Headsets that Work with Windows 10
virtual-reality-headset-1The world is moving towards Virtual Reality (VR), and Windows does not plan on holding back. A new Windows 10 update in early 2017 will see the use of a VR headset compatible with computers. The Oculus Rift, which is one of the most famous VR headsets today, starts at $599. Windows’ new VR headsets are expected to start at $299.

8. Xbox Project Scorpio
x-boxAre you a gamer who is looking for the king of performance? Well, Microsoft is bringing to you the most powerful Xbox ever — Project Scorpio. It will be specially designed to work with virtual reality headsets and 4K TVs.
Expected price: $399.

9. Nokia returns with an Android phone
Nokia will be returning to the Smartphone market in 2017 with supposedly two different models, the D1C and the P1. Although there is no confirmation about the details of these phones, it is speculated that D1C will be a mid-range phone, while the P1 will be a flagship device.

10. And then, there is the Galaxy Note 8
Well, I hope if they get it out, they do it in time for an explosive Diwali. Jokes apart, it has been speculated that Samsung might discontinue the Note series.