Game Review: Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights

The game is a nice example of the hidden object genre

Big Fish Games

Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights, developed by Cerasus Media and published by Big Fish Games, is a hidden object game that, while presenting no significant twists of game play, still features some new ways to enjoy the game.

You will see Berlin and its famous sights. If you manage to escape from kidnappers and stay alive, that is.

Big Fish Games

Michelle Deanfield is a journalist, and this time she travels to Berlin in order to find a century-old machine which is presumably able to solve the energy problem of the modern human civilization. Quite a mission, isn’t it? But Michelle with her assistants are not the only team hunting for the apparatus. Some mysterious cult is also chasing the missing parts of the machine, and they are determined to get what they want, as they need the energy to save their souls and lives. And the means they use for achieving their goals are not really legal, so be ready to find yourself kidnapped and your very life in danger. Do you still wish to go?

Big Fish Games

Then welcome to the 74 levels of game play in Normal or Relaxed Mode. As in any hidden object game, in Berlin Nights you will have a number of items to find for each level, some hints and a time limit (if you prefer Normal Mode). In every stage the items to find are presented in different forms, and that brings much diversity to the game play. Some tasks are standard, like names or images of items, some are used much more rarely, like sounds, and some unique, like, for example, a level where you find objects one by one, and each is described with four word hints appearing one by one. The number of points you get for finding an item depends on the number of hints you need to find it. There are also levels where the items to find are described in Michelle’s phrases one by one, and quick search levels, where you have only 20 seconds to find something. And in some scenes you need to perform some actions with items in order to complete the level. All these make your game experience much more fun.

Big Fish Games

On every level, you will find a number of bears – teddy bears, bronze bears, etc. Bear is the symbol of Berlin, and in this game, it is the symbol of a hint. Each of them gives you one of the bonuses, like Search Aid, Speed Search Aid, Bonus points, Stop Bonus, etc. They are quite numerous, so the needed help is almost always where.

There are also puzzle mini-games, each with its unique game play. You can either solve them or skip if you get stuck or just don’t like the particular puzzle.

On the whole, the game is a nice example of the hidden object genre, and if you are in for detective stories – it’s worth trying.

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