German Shepherd Training – Specific Techniques for the Best of Breeds

Owning a well behaved and obedient German Shepherd is a truly rewarding experience.


My family and I have shared our home with two German Shepherds. Unfortunately, one was taken from us earlier this year due to old age. But during his time with us, we can honestly argue that he was the best dog any family could have had the pleasure of spending time with. We were truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend and family member. While he is dearly missed we felt it important to continue to have a German Shepherd presence in our home and we brought another puppy into our family. 

Our new dog has eased the pain of our loss and made us realize what truly remarkable dogs they are. If you are like us then you know that these dogs are one of the most loyal, intelligent, and protective breeds of dog there is. They are wonderful additions to any family and will bring nothing but years of steadfast companionship for their owners. There is nothing more important than the bond between this breed and his humans. 

Training is a very important part of owning one of these wonderful dogs. Owning a well behaved and obedient German Shepherd is a truly rewarding experience. Training your dog correctly will bring out the best in you and your dog and will create a bond that will last a life time. These dog’s superior intelligence is one of the breeds most endearing qualities. Their intelligence needs to be channeled with proper training that will result in a healthy, happy and well behaved canine friend. Because no two breeds of dog are the same and the training required to bring out the best in your German Shepherd is not the same as say, the training needed by a Chihuahua, it is important that a program that is specific to this breed is used. Believe me; nothing will make you or your dog happier than proper training. Our first and now our second have been the most wonderful of pets. While our newest family member is a little over a year and a half old now he still has a lot of puppy in him, but with proper training he has become a well behaved and obedient part of our family. If you own or are thinking about getting a German Shepherd then you also need to consider the best training possible, because the intelligence of this breed demands nothing but the best. 

Source by Andrew Bicknell