Get On To Know What Women Seek From Men

Can you make her feel on the top of the world?


Although women have reached heights today, they still enjoy feeling special and being treated in a special manner. Hence, even though you might feel that women have reached unimagined destinations, they still would love those special gestures of yours which would make them feel desired and wanted.

Regular Communication Does the Trick

Any woman expects her man to return her messages. This is the simple way in which she judges whether a man is interested in her or not. If it takes longer for you to respond, she might not like it. Hence, you should drop in a call to her whenever you are free. You can send her messages through emails, cards or love filled SMS. Do not feel that you have to do this all the time. She knows that you are a busy man. However, communicating with her whenever she wants is required. A Little gesture like these can make her feel that you care for her and will be there whenever required.

Warmth and Love Making At Right Moments Serve the Best

Provide her with the desired warmth and give her a nice deep and sensational kiss. This does not mean that you need to kiss her every time in public or kiss her for any other embarrassing reason. A simple love filled kiss, with no strings attached to it can serve the purpose. A kiss would tell her that how much you want her. It also needs not accompanied by sex. She will definitely throw her arms around your for a kiss, especially when you kiss her for no reason. She will definitely fall for you for that very kiss.

Hugs and Dance Are the Best Pullers- Some Public Display Works

Dance with her whenever time permits. Women like to be embraced by their man. Most men are somewhat reluctant in dancing with their woman in a public set up. This feeling should be overcome. Public display of emotions is liked by a woman. They would like if you visit a nearby night club along with her and would dance with her arms to arms. You can have control over the music and over the settings around you. You can play your favorite music if you want. The only thing that would matter to her is your presence around her.

Try Fitting Her Choice

Be dressed up in the manner desired by your honey. This is yet another excellent way to get her around you and making her fall in your arms. She would love if you would put that simple tie that she gifted you. She would love if you remembered her telling that a particular color looks good on you. She would love the fact that you like dressing up for her and feel worth it.

Hey-Do does not Ever do the Mistake of Forgetting Dates

Remembering dates can make a woman crazy for you. She would shower your love on you, if you remembered those simple milestones of your love, like your first date, the first time when you had a smooch, the first place that you went out together etc. Remembering these can really become a jack card for you and can make her feel on the top of the world.

Men tend to know this! But remembering and following simple known things sometimes skip the mind. These are very simple yet quite important gestures that a woman looks at as a sign of love. If you fail to display these, she might not appreciate your love and your approach towards love. To make her feel different, try one or more of the above suggestions.

Source by Michael Douglas