Get the WOW Factor with these Unusual Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Are you in the middle of planning your wedding?  Perhaps you have recently got engaged and are starting to think about all the amazing things you would like to include on your own special day.  Firstly, congratulations!  Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your lives and when it comes to putting on entertainment it can make or break a wedding ceremony or reception.

If you are a little confused as to the type of entertainment you would like to book or you simply don’t know about the massive selection of options available to you, our entertainment directory can help you to source and book the right entertainment for you!  Not only do we have all the traditional wedding entertainment options, but we also have plenty of unusual wedding entertainment ideas too!  Keep reading for inspiration for your own big day!

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Want something really unusual for your wedding? Choose an Acrobalance and Adagio act!

You may not have every considered booking an Acrobalance or Adagio act for your wedding reception, however they can really add a visual performance for you and your guests!  Acrobalance and Adagio is a style of movement art where entertainers pose in various positions using acrobatics and hand balancing.  It can look very dramatic and offer a sophisticated theme to your wedding reception.

Enjoy a dramatic performance with the help of Fire Performers

For this article, we are concentrating on unusual wedding reception entertainment, rather than the ceremony and we can’t think of a better choice for night-time entertainment than Fire Performers!  These amazingly talented individuals are highly experienced and trained in the art of performing with fire, whether that be fire eating, fire breathing, juggling or other creative and daring stunts.

Book a Sword Swallower to add a thrilling element to your wedding reception

If you are a fan of the circus and want to give your guests a bit of a fright, why not book a Sword Swallower for your own wedding reception?  A Sword Swallower will appear to swallow swords down their throats and into their gullets and performing this type of act can be very dangerous indeed.  This type of entertainment would really work for a circus or festival themed wedding reception.

Give your guests a keepsake with the art from a Silhouette Artist

You may have heard of hiring a Caricaturist for your wedding reception, but if you are looking for artistic entertainment that is a little different, why not look at hiring a Silhouette Artist instead?  Silhouette Artists will still be able to give your guests a little memento to take away with them, but they cut out silhouettes of your guests instead of sketching them. This type of entertainment is a fantastic choice for anyone artistic.

Love magic?  Hire a Stage Illusionist for a fantastic magical performance!

For fans of magic and illusion, take things a step further and book a Stage Illusionist to put on a performance during your wedding reception.  Perfect for evening entertainment, a Stage Illusionist will perform much more elaborate and daring illusions than that of a Close-Up Magician (which by the way are perfect for drinks receptions or wedding breakfasts!).  Usually with the help of an assistant, a Stage Illusionist will amaze your guests with their performance in the style of David Copperfield or Lance Burton!


Get your guests dancing at your wedding reception and book a Belly Dancer

A fun and fantastic unusual wedding entertainment idea for those looking for something completely different is the Belly Dancer!  You can hire Belly Dancers to use their amazing stomach muscles to dance around guests and even get them involved too!  This is not that unusual for Egyptian or Turkish weddings, but are becoming a popular choice for Western weddings too!  Wearing colourful and elaborate outfits, booking a Belly Dancer is one type of entertainment your guests won’t be expecting!

If you love everything vintage, why not book a Doo Wop / Oldies Band?

Choosing a Doo Wop / Oldies band is the perfect choice if you are planning a Vintage themed wedding.  This type of musical performance is a fantastic alternative to the traditional wedding band or DJ and will provide an authentic vintage performance.  Enjoy Rockabilly, 1950’s and Doo Wop style songs which will really get your wedding guests up on the dancefloor for a boogie!

Enjoy a taste of the Caribbean with a Steel Drum Band

For Summer weddings, why not choose musical entertainment that will offer a performance to get your guests in the party mood.  Steel Drum Bands perform percussion style music using steel drums, usually wearing bright and colourful outfits.  Originating from Trinidad and Tobago, Steel Drum Bands have gained popularity across the World and perform a mix of Calypso, Jazz and Reggae style songs.

As you can see, we have plenty of options available to you when it comes to unusual wedding entertainment, but this is just a little selection of our entertainment categories!  We have so much more to offer on our entertainment directory so you will find the perfect entertainment that suits you as a couple!  Remember there are no limits when it comes to booking your entertainment – after all, your wedding day is all about you!

One of the main benefits of sourcing your wedding entertainment using our website, Entertainers Worldwide is that it takes the hassle and stress out of this part of your wedding plans.  You can easily find everything you are looking for in one easy place, and not only can you choose the right type of entertainment, but also find particular acts and entertainers too!  Using our website is a completely free service, so once you have taken a look at all of our acts profile pages, you can contact them directly with no hidden fees or commission on top of your booking!  All of our acts accept enquiries for no-obligation quotes, which makes it a no-brainer when booking your wedding entertainment!

Source by Kelly Crowther