Get Your Mumbai Vibe On

The eatery’s charming ambience and delicious food make it a must-visit

‘Mumbai Vibe’, a new eatery in Khar, will make an impression on you as soon as you walk in. Spread across two floors, this cafe cum lounge is one of the most vibrant eateries in Mumbai. What we liked best about this new place is its charming and adorable interiors with an al fresco area and a homely cafe and a lounge area on the top floor.

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5 Second Review

Mumbai Vibe is a place where you can take a walk down memory lane and bask in the bygone era of old Bombay while you enjoy some palatable food and refreshing cocktails.


Mixing international cooking style with local cuisines to create some succulent and luscious dishes.

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The interiors are very elegant and lend the place a local vibe. From trinkets, witty posters, a library, artefacts with a mélange of colours, butterfly print sofas and a facade of a double decker bus, Mumbai Vibe’s ambience is dynamic and lively.

What to Eat & Drink?

The menu of this place is curated keeping the local preferences in mind. This is one of those rare eateries where nothing on the menu will disappoint you. 

Jumping on to the blankets


Cold Press Juice – Apple, Pineapple & Grape (Rs 215) & Apple and Citrus (Rs 215)

Detox blends – Red Alert (Beetroot, apple, carrot & pomegranate; Rs 275) and Hangover Healer (Tomato, Celery, Cilantro & Orange; Rs 275)

You can check out their various types of natural teas, flavoured sodas and coffees as well.

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The menu gives you extensive cocktail options, but it is the vineyard fusion that we really liked.

Bubble Gum (Sparkling wine with bubble gum syrup; Rs 295)

Pop Love (Sparkling wine with edible gold and magic pop; Rs 315)

Mumbai Vibe also gives you a tailor-made experience where you can bottle your own Sangria. Pick your desired bottle of wine, choose your favourite fruit and select another alcohol to create your own version of the popular drink.



Veg: Tandoor wheat momos (Rs 275) and Paneer 65 Tarts (Rs 275)

Non-Veg: Arabic Kefta Kebab (Rs 375) and Chicken Cafrial Skewer (Rs 275)


Chicken pot pie 1
Chicken pot pie

Veg: Oven Baked Lasagne (Rs 395)

Non Veg: Chicken 65 Nazzas (Rs 375; special range of naan pizza) and Chicken Pot Pie (Rs 465)


Butterscotch esspresso rasgulla 1
Butterscotch espresso rasgulla

Saffron Cheesecake with Rabri (Rs 275)

Butterscotch Expresso Rasgulla (Rs 265)

The Good

The best thing here is the great taste and variety. There is something for everyone

The Bad

Mumbai Vibe has nothing that will disappoint you.

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Bayside Ratings

Food: 4.5 /5
Decor: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5

Mumbai Vibe

Address: Ganga Jamuna building, 14th Road, Khar West (Diagonally opp Monkey Bar), Mumbai
Contact: 022 30151659