Getting Your Home Ready for Josef Doll Collecting


Before you start your Josef Dolls collection, you’ll want to get your home ready to showcase the treasures that will soon inhabit it. You’ll want to have a safe place for your new collection of Josef Dolls to live. Even if you start your collection with just one doll at a time, it is time to prepare your home.

Collectors that live alone will have an easier time showcasing their Josef Dolls. You can put them virtually anywhere you want without worrying about anyone else. If you do live with others, it may be more difficult but you can still prepare your home for a fabulous Josef Doll collection. You may have to work through any objections of your spouse and if you have kids, you will want to find a place that is out of the reach of young hands. Pets are another consideration, too. If you have cats that like to jump onto shelves, you may want to consider putting your dolls where they cannot be reached at all.

A glass display cabinet with locking doors makes the perfect place to house your Josef Dolls. This way, they will be protected from both curious kids and cats and they won’t get dirty either. In addition, your partner will most likely welcome your doll collection if it is kept in a display case rather than in various places around your home. If you don’t yet have the right display case, keep your Josef Dolls in their boxes until you have the proper case.

It will be fun shopping for a display cabinet to hold your collection of Josef Dolls. You’ll want to plan ahead to see how much space you will be able to allot for the cabinet. Now is the time to think about how big of a collection you plan to have. Once you get an idea of how many dolls you plan to house, the fun really begins. You can pour through magazines and research online to find display cabinets that appeal to you. You want others to be able to clearly see your dolls so keep this in mind as you shop. Also, consider whether you would like to have mirrors or lights in your display cabinet. While display cabinets with mirrors and lights may be more expensive, they do show off a collection beautifully. Do opt for a cabinet that offers stability as you don’t want it to be easily jarred.

For those who have an extra room in their home, creating a room just for your dolls can be a great way to display them and keep them safe. You may even have other collections you want to put in this room. Having one room dedicated to all of your treasures can be an exciting way to display them and it will offer you a respite when you want to get away from it all. You can even add seating to make it a cozy retreat.

Source by Brett Brock