Go Green and Save the Earth

Love the earth

There are many ways to show sympathy to Mother Nature. It is our responsibility to take care of it so that it may still serve its purpose. First off, we should be aware on how to conserve and limit its use. We have to consider alternatives in order to use its maximum potential. Here are three basic tips on how we can be productive in saving our natural resources:

1. Love the Earth


It is just a must to love our planet. We should always think on how to take care of it instead of contributing on how too little by little destroy it. By showing compassion towards the issues being faced would be of great help in order to ease the present alarming condition of mother earth.

2. Compost


You might be surprised to find out how much trash you make in a year. Reducing the trash will be a big help in order to reduce the crowded landfills, plus composting can produce good fertiliser. On the other hand, waste could be a blessing too, it’s by turning waste to energy; it’s the technology called biosphere technology.

3. Get involved in local tree-planting programs


A single tree absorbs one tonne of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. It prevents soil erosion, absorb water and hold soil in which helps in preventing flooding. Planting a tree can also lower down your electric bill for it absorbs the heat around your home preventing from warming up so much plus you can contribute to the advocate of carbon reduction.

For further ways and information on how to effectively contribute in saving the earth, feel free to take a look at SBSC (Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation), building a better world.

Source by f.e.enriquez