Google Adds Emoji Search Capability to Their Twitter Handle

Google’s new Search Integration with Twitter emojis takes the social search game to a whole new level


As a digital marketing professional and social media enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the developments in features of various digital platforms or new updates being made to the existing ones. With rapidly evolving applications and digital portals, there has been a stress on SEO, SMO, and SEM. This is majorly due to the increase in the number of smartphone users. However, the latest update in this department is the much-needed effort required to expand and optimise the connective search options. The new integration between Twitter and Google is the much-awaited innovation. Google has added a new emoji search capability to their Twitter handle that enables you to tweet to them @Google with an emoji character and get a relevant search result or one related to it. It has been a while since Google’s search engine tools observed developments.

Exciting much? You ought to read what I’m about to reveal next. Apparently, the system can respond to about 200 different emojis. So here’s what you gotta do, you get on Twitter, compose new tweet to @Google with any emoji from the available options and wait for them to reply. That simple. While majority of their replies provide functional value, with results relevant to your emoji requests, some of the responses are from very creative copywriters working for Google. They respond with jokes or snappy comebacks. For example, one of the accounts tweeted the peach emoji to @Google, the reply was a link to the lyrics for ‘Bootylicious’ by Destiny’s Child.


Such an innovation is a savvy move by Google. Why do I find this integration appealing? Significantly for two reasons: firstly, this highlights the bond between Twitter and Google, meaning major push for social media optimisation using Twitter. There is a sense of freshness in the whole social search play. This might not be a direct partnership, perhaps, but Google could build an automated bot using Twitter’s APIs without precise agreements (Social Media Today). This also gets social media enthusiasts like me wondering about Google’s possible plans of acquiring Twitter for an appealing price. Secondly, this integration could be a major nudge to other big players like Facebook and YouTube. Given, Facebook has already announced their big plans of developing their on-platform search capacity. Talk about aggressive brand wars.

What I am really looking forward to is whether Google can provide their own social search functions. Speaking of which, their new Pixel phones could serve as potential weapons in any such competition.

We have had tools and applications like Shazam and Midomi that let you look up a song merely by humming the tune. What could be more apt than a search via emoji in this digital age? Looks like a fun tool to me; looks like a great boost in assistive technology! We will leave it to time to test that.