Goons are Offering 5 Lakhs For Kanhaiya’s Tongue and 11 Lakhs For Him to be Shot Dead

Kanhaiya Kumaar, JNSU President may have got bail but he’s still not free from the wrath of scorned citizens. Kuldeep Varshney, BJYM’s ( Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha) Badaun district chief, Uttar Pradesh. Varshney said that Kanhaiya was speaking against the Prime Minister and the BJP ever since he was released on bail on March 3rd.

“He shouted anti-national slogans in support of a terrorist like Afzal Guru. I will award Rs 5 lakh to the person who cut off Kanhaiya’s tongue,” Varshney said. The party has expelled the BJP youth wing leader for 6 years for his inflammatory remarks. They have labelled his statement as a “personal one” and “without the consent” of the party members.

Elsewhere, in Delhi, posters have been put up offering a reward of Rs 11 lakh to anyone who shoots Kanhaiya Kumar dead. The poster in Hindi by an organisation named Purvanchal Sena, reads, “Whoever shoots JNUSU president and traitor Kanhaiya Kumar will be rewarded Rs 11 lakh from the Purvanchal Sena.”.

The Delhi police have asked JNU to keep them informed about Kanhaiya Kumar’s movements so they can provide adequate security.

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