Government of India and its new education policy


Government of India and its new education policy

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

The new Education Minister, Government of India has floated a new education policy and the same has come under criticism.  None is happy and satisfied with this new policy and even states shall not be adopting this new policy.  On the other hand some new universities are coming forward and they are providing all the basics in their schools and colleges and they are also preparing the students for jobs ahead.  The state has been left behind by these private institutions and universities.

We all know that all the government schools and schools which are aided by the state are not having suitable accommodations, suitable seating arrangement, these institutions are not having sanctioned strength of teaching staff, most of the jobs are lying vacant and if go inside the institutions, we find that the libraries, laboratories, the canteens, the workshops, the water arrangement are on the lower side.  The states are always with lower funds and that is the reason they are not in a position to provide all those minimums which are most necessary for proper education.

The states could not think over the matter of establishing educational complex near bunch of villages and near cities, towns and the like.  Had they established such complexes they could have established suitable buildings, laboratories, libraries, community halls, play grounds, stadiums, workshops, hostels, dispensaries or the like and they could also have issued orders that no school or college could be established beyond these complexes.  If the states themselves were not in a position to establish such complexes, they could have invited private sector people to establish such complexes and then the states could have directed all the parents to send their wards to these schools because the present system of one teacher and five classes or two teachers five classes could have been done away with.  All villages have been connected with roads and transports are seeking passengers to be transported from one place to the other.  Had these complexes been established, there were chances that we could have provided proper education to our children and all the children from poor families could have been given proper education.

At present we are not providing proper education to most of the children from poor families and that is the reason, we are dividing the next generation on the basis of education.  This not good for the state and the state must ensure that all the children of the country are given equality in matter of education and that is possible only if all the children could get an educational atmosphere.  And that atmosphere is possible only in educational complexes.  Therefore, government of India and its Education Minister must think over this proposal and they must ask all the states to establish such educational complexes.  When they can establish industrial estates, factory areas, industrial complexes, they could establish such educational complexes.  Proper education does not mean teaching 3Rs to the students.

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Source by Dalip Wasan.