Graphic: Live Donkey Fed to Tigers in Chinese Zoo

Angry investors fed a live donkey to tigers in a zoo enclosure following a dispute with management

Youtube/Ivan Zalogin

The visitors who had come to enjoy the Changzhou Zoo on Monday afternoon were witness to a cruel display of human apathy and nature’s ferocity.

Angry investors in Changzhou Zoo, which is located in eastern China, fed a live donkey to a group of four, hungry fierce tigers. The tigers tore apart the donkey and chomped on the hapless animal in front of the visitors. A video of the incident has gone viral.

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Youtube/Ivan Zalogin

The donkey is seen being pushed out of a truck into a moat in the tigers’ enclosure, where it is quickly set upon by the tigers. Zoo visitors can be heard exclaiming in shock in the background. The donkey is helplessly struggling in the water as the tigers grab it and try to sink their long, sharp teeth into the donkey’s skin and take its life.

The zoo said the shareholders had tossed the donkey to the tigers “in a fit of rage”, and apologised to the public for the incident.

But in a statement, the zoo said the incident stemmed from a legal case between the zoo and another company.

They suspected that the zoo, together with the court, were “conspiring to cheat small investors of their investments, and so in a fit of rage, decided to feed donkeys and sheep… to tigers”, said the management.

The shareholders were even going to push a sheep inside after the donkey but somehow the management stopped them from doing so, said newspaper Xiandai Kuaibao.

One investor told reporters that they were planning to shift the animals to somewhere else so they could sell it and make up for their losses but the zoo’s security guard stopped them.

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Ivan Zalogin

“Since we could not have any benefits, we thought why not feed to the tigers, at least we can save on animal feed,” an angry, unnamed investor said.

The zoo said it was “deeply sorry” and that it would ensure that “a similar incident would never happen again”.

Watch the gruesome video here: