Harley Davidson: Why People Buy Harley Davidsons

Everything you should know about Harley Davidsons


What is there to a Harley-Davidson that makes it such a popular bike?

Is it the history behind it–or what?

It must be the oldest make bike in the world.

Does it offer a softer ride than other bikes?

It surely looks tough–as tough as a motorbike can be.

And yes, so do the owners of these magnificent two-wheelers.

No, you cannot, dare not put your leg across the frame of such a power machine without having the clobber that goes with it—leather jacket, bandana, goatee—yes the full armor, because this is what I like to call  There must be thousands of reasons from  Harley fans why they prefer this bike and why they spend literally $1000’s in modifying them, more than they paid for it!

Although never ridden a motorbike before in 65 years span, I cannot do otherwise but stare in admiration when one of these thunder machines, or better, a whole pack, passes by. And lets not be jealous about it and admit that EVERYBODY will take a second glance and remark about the real cool scene that these guys and gals portray.

They do look like they can be respected with their leisurely, easy-going style.

It appears to be a “Grandpa” transporter, yet thousands of youngsters buy one every year.

Real facts about the Harleys and owners:
1. First built in 1901 by 3 Davidson brothers in Milwaukee
2. By 1913, 13000 have been built
3. The police department started using it in 1907
4. Was rewarded with several awards
5. Types of engines built were a 74cu.in. V-cam, then 61cu.in.Knucklehead, then the all-famous Sportster. A liquid-cooler engine was also built

So, what more does one want—being good-hearted, relaxed, good camaraderie and a bike that most people would really like to win in a competition.

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