Having Problems With the Law of Attraction? You Are Missing 1 Vital Step to Solve Your Problems Now

How To Solve Problem Thoughts

Once you become aware of the problem you can solve it but if you never make yourself aware that there is even a problem you are doomed from the start. Some good advice is to ask yourself how you feel about everything. Whatever it may be, say to yourself “ok how do I feel about doing this” and if something comes up you can address it. For example let’s say that Bob had always wanted to get into shape but it never ended up happening. He would always say I should join a gym but he never does. Bob needs to start questioning himself:

1. “Ok how do I feel about getting in shape? I feel good about it.
2. OK then how do I feel about going to the gym? A little nervous.

Why do I feel this way? Because I am not in shape at the moment and I will feel embarrassed working in front of everyone. “In the above example we found that getting in shape was not the problem. healthy with washboard abs and extra energy. The problem was the fear of taking action.

Going to the gym was intimidating and it brought up a lot of self esteem issues and insecurities. So by asking those questions we were able to discover what was holding Bob back. There are ways to get over that intimidation factor and insecurities I will not get into them here but if those questions were not answered the problem would of never be solved because there would not be even aware of the problem.


Source by Tristan Glenn Bull