Healing From Infidelity-4 Vital Questions to Ask Yourself

Although it might be considered a death blow to a relationship, it doesn't have to be.


It’s hard enough in this day and age to keep a relationship together without having the added weight of infidelity. Couples today struggle with work, children, money problems and many other challenges. It might seem that infidelity could be the straw that breaks the proverbial camels back. Although it might be considered a death blow to a relationship, it doesn’t have to be. But before you start the process of healing from infidelity, you might want to ask yourself a few questions.

-Is this relationship worth saving?

Examining your relationship with honesty can help you determine if it is worth putting forth the effort to save it. There can be no healing from infidelity if either party feels that the relationship is over. If there are any doubts, they will continue to cause problems on down the road. Make sure it’s a unanimous decision. 

-Why do I want to stay with my partner?

Sometimes people stay with their partner for different reasons; security, fear, complacency. Although love is usually the defining
factor, there might be underlying reasons for staying. Before investing further in your relationship, it’s a good idea to delve deep into the core reasons you want to stay with your partner. Having an honest reality of your situation is an integral part of healing from infidelity. 

-Do I want to work so hard to repair my relationship?

Repairing the damage done is not going to be a walk in the park. Raw emotions have to be dealt with, as well as trust issues. But, if both parties agree they want to stay together, there are some important steps to take to help the relationship start healing from infidelity. Honest communication is the first step. 

-Is love enough to get us through?

Truth be told, love is not enough to overcome the depth of pain brought on by infidelity. It’s going to take a lot of work to repair the relationship. But, through communication and a deep caring for each other, it won’t be long before both parties will begin healing from infidelity. 

Should you stay together or separate? Those are hard questions that will need to be answered. It will take some serious soul searching and it might easily be one of the hardest decisions of your life. Just remember…if you are having difficulty healing from infidelity, professional help is not far away.

Source by Lisa