HelpAge Survey: Mumbai Treats Its Elders Horribly

33 percent of Mumbai’s elderly people have faced abuse in public spaces

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One out of three elderly people in Mumbai has experienced abuse and mistreatment in a public space according to a HelpAge India survey.

Around 33 percent of elders in Mumbai have experienced some sort of physical abuse in public spaces. This is not as bad as Bangalore where 70 percent of older people are treated badly. Hyderabad (60 percent), Guwahati (59 percent), Kolkata (52 percent) and Chennai (49 per cent) are cities that are worse than Mumbai.

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The survey ‘How India Treats its Elderly’, conducted in 19 cities, interviewed 4,615 senior citizens across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Shillong among others.


In Delhi, the number was low at 23 percent. The survey report was released in Mumbai on Wednesday to mark ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’ today on June 15.

The results of the survey were not great. Nationally 50 percent of elders face abuse at home and 44 percent experience abuse at public places. 64 percent of the people surveyed feel that people who abuse others get away easily.

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Around 53 percent elders feel they are discriminated against in India, 61 percent feel that people get impatient with them if they are slow and 52 percent feel that people are rude to them if they are not well dressed.