Herbal Slimming Methods For Natural Weight Loss

Tips to lose weight herbally


Using herbs is a natural way to lose weight. There are herbal pills, capsules, tablets, and teas that are very effective in helping to lose weight. Some herbs can act on the digestion, appetite or metabolism during weight loss. These can suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism which helps lead to losing weight. Not all do the same job or work alike, some are recommended and some may be considered dangerous. That is why you need to know the best herbs for weight loss before trying any.

In general, herbs for weight loss come in four different categories: diuretics, stimulants, appetite suppressants, and cathartics. The herbal stimulants speed up the metabolism and encourage the body to burn more calories. While the herbal diuretics are used to control water weight, which is most useful during the time of the month when water is retained, but should only be used short term.

The herbal cathartics work as a laxative and aid in reducing calorie absorption by impeding full digestion. And, the appetite suppressants reduce hunger and cravings by expanding the stomach or altering the mood. All come with pros and cons, which is why researching each before choosing helps one decide what the best herbal method is for them.

Green tea is known to have many health benefits and among those are aids in losing weight. Some studies show that this herbal tea can quicken the metabolism and increase the body’s fat burning capabilities. It has also been shown to prevent the body from storing as much fat as it normally would, which also aids in dieting and slimming down.

Hoodia gordoni is an African plant that has come to the attention of many recently. Its ability to suppress the appetite in aiding weight loss is making it very popular. Studies showed that it worked by stopping or interrupting the hunger mechanism in the brain, but there has been little research done on how effective it is long term.

Other herbs that are popular today that may safely help in losing weight are seaweed or kelp. This is a natural thyroid stimulant that boosts metabolism. Nettle is considered to be a thermogenic or stimulant herb and Ginseng helps in boosting energy and metabolism. Also, there is cayenne, which contains capsaicin that stimulates digestion and increases metabolism and fat burning.

Herbs can boost metabolism, act as a cleanser, suppress the appetite, and be a helpful aid in losing weight. More and more people are turning to herbal slimming products to help them shed the extra pounds naturally alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Anyone interested in using herbs should gather all the information first on their herb of choice to make sure it is right for them before trying it.

Source by James J Scott