HOA Rules: The Real Deal

Having a homeowners association can be quite an advantage. As a member of such organization, you can be ensured of a safe and a good environment to live in. This association is tasked to govern groups of homeowners, enforce rules and regulations, and ask for fees. In exchange, they would ensure convenience for various residents like setting up recreational amenities, managing the roads and even assist them with their other needs. They are also there to resolve conflicts among homeowners and ensure their home values stay the same.

Every person belonging to a particular homeowners association should be responsible enough to follow the rules set the by organization. If you want to know more about them, read on the next section.

Understanding Covenant Conditions and Restrictions

Every homeowners association have covenants, conditions and restrictions or in short CCR.  They are commonly referred to as deed restrictions or restrictive covenants. Whatever is stipulated in here shall be imposed among homeowners to maintain appropriate usage of the land and to keep the value of the neighborhood. It restricts what materials to be used in building homes and the kind of home improvements allowed. Moreover, they impose the allowable number of occupants per home, the kind of pets allowed and even the race of people who can dwell in the area.

CCRs are good because it helps maintain a peaceful, beautiful and fair environment among homeowners. The only problem is some of them are really severe, especially when it comes to exclusionary covenants. Some homeowners would disagree to them. Although these restrictions can be removed, however the process can be a long one.

Imposition of Fees and Fines

Homeowners Association is a non-profit organization. So how do they operate considering the fact that they do not have income? They do this by getting fees from their members.

The money collected is used to keep the surroundings in good condition and in setting-up of facilities that will be used for recreation. It will also be utilized for insuring common facilities and in obtaining labor for various services. All HOA will be willing to spend, every cent of the fees collected, just to maintain the status quo of their subdivision and to maintain safety of their homeowners.

More about HOA rules

Every member of the community has chosen to become part of this association. Comes with this is strict adherence to their HOA rules. Constant defiance could lead to fines and penalties.

In cases of nonpayment in membership fees and penalties, there will be consequences for it. A person may be driven away from his or her own home, so that the HOA can sell the property to cover for the unpaid fees. This can be frustrating but HOA can legally do that. Since members agreed to their laws, they have no choice but to adhere to it.  Any non-compliance will be properly dealt with.

Reminder to Homebuyers and Renters

Before you buy or rent a home, be sure to read your HOA’s covenants, conditions and restrictions. Some of them may be unfavorable to you. Therefore to avoid future problems, stay away from them and find other HOA which is more suitable for you.

Source by Katrina