Homemade Skin Care In Kitchen

your skin still needs to nourish in every situation.

As the economy goes down, you may have to save money and can’t afford the expensive skin care products.  However, your skin still needs to nourish in every situation.  Today, I also recommend you the skin care products that you can find in the kitchen and make your skin healthy same as the brand-name products.

Avocado is a natural skin firmer. It works particularly well on the neck area. Mashed avocado, mixed with a little lemon juice, can be applied directly to the face and/or neck. While it firms, it also moisturizes with its enriched vitamins. Additionally, the oil in avocado dissolves the fat and dirt that so often clogs pores.

Baby wipes are perfect for removing makeup or just for cleansing the facial area. As a bonus, they are a lot cheaper than the expensive makeup removal pads found on the market today.

Baking soda naturally exfoliates the skin, while softening it as well. To exfoliate, mix a small amount of moisturizing cleanser into the baking soda to make a paste. Apply to the skin using the appropriate pressure for the area of the body where it is being used. Then rinse and apply your regular moisturizer.

Cucumber slices, as everyone knows, can help to get rid of the dark circles in the under eye area. Pears also work in basically the same way.

Egg whites deliver an instant facelift. Just apply the whites directly to wrinkles and remain perfectly still until they dry. Once dry, apply your regular makeup and you’re all set to go. Another option is to mix eggs, honey, and lemon juice together for a facial mask. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse and apply your usual moisturizer.

Honey is often used in skin care products because it contains vitamins and natural moisturizers. It also has a natural antibiotic that will kill bacteria as it cleans out your pores. Mix it with brown sugar and olive oil and you have the perfect skin defoliant. It may be a bit abrasive for those with extremely sensitive skin so be very gentle in the application process.

Lemon juice, mixed with a little bit of water, also makes a wonderful refreshing facial toner. Just dab it on with a cotton ball and let it dry before putting on moisturizer. Besides, lemon juice can be applied as an acne remedy.  Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a small bowl. Use a cotton ball to soak up some juice. Dilute it with water if it burns and dabs the juice onto your pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Leave about 5-10 minutes and clean your face normally.

Milk has long been thought to make skin soft and smooth because it eliminates dead skin cells naturally. Cleopatra was famous for her luxurious milk baths, and she was considered one of the most striking women of her time.

Oatmeal, mixed with sugar and avocado, makes a facial scrub that is perfect for sensitive skin. Apply it in a light massaging motion. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then remove it with warm water before applying your moisturizer. Because it is naturally abrasive, oatmeal in the bath water can also help to moisturize and soften the skin while removing dead skin cells.

Olive oil is a rich moisturizer that doesn’t irritate the skin. It is perfect for the thicker, rough, and often dry skin of the elbows, knees, and heels. To really soften your hands or feet, apply olive oil to dry skin and then cover the area over night with socks. You will wake up in the morning with softer, smoother skin.  Sometimes, I apply the coconut oil instead of olive oil.  The coconut oil has the same benefit and gives the same result when I use the olive oil.

Papaya is rich in protein and contains an enzyme that promotes the discarding of dead skin, making it the perfect fruit for a facial mask. Smooth the pulp of a papaya over the face. Let it sit for five to ten minutes and then wipe off with a warm cloth. Pat cool water onto the face to close the pores. Once dry, follow up with your daily moisturizer.

Vinegar, mixed with water and witch hazel, makes a gentle facial toner.

Yoghurt softens the skin while also soothing the redness caused by rosacea. Additionally, it tightens pores while it cleans. Apply it just like a mask and leave it on the face for at least ten minutes. Rinse off with warm water and apply your moisturizer. Yogurt can also soothe painful sunburn, while it prevents blistering. Slather it on liberally and relax.

Source by Queensoccer