Horrendous Fashion Fads All 90s Kids Regret

Kids who grew up in the 90s made some poor fashion choices. The 80s hangover was still evident from our fashion choices (shoulder pads, bows, perms) and the 90s weren’t too kind either. The grunge movement which influenced fashion made sure we were shabbily dressed for most of the 90s. When we did make an effort it was gelled hair, awful Nick Carter hairstyles and wallet chains. Girls wore weird frocks, high-waisted jeans, tank tops and scrunchies. Looking at old photos of ourselves can make us cringe in pain even till now. Here are some more fashion fads we don’t know why even followed.

1. Low-Rise Jeans

Low-waist jeans were massively popular in the late 90s-early 2000s. So popular that you were uncool if you didn’t wear them. As a result, jeans sat on people’s crotches rather than their waists and had to endure a lot of butt cracks and underwear which were on full display.

2. Baggy Jeans

Influenced by hip-hop culture, baggy, shapeless jeans/track-pants became a fad with young men and women worldwide. These slouchy pants were much maligned but we still wore them, to look cool.

3. Cargo Pants

The only people who need cargo pants are those in the army who need to carry as much as they can on their person. Ten pockets are not necessary to hold keys and some cash.

4. Bandanas

Remember Akshay Kumar in ‘Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast’? Remember how awful that silk hanky looked on his head? Still, that never stopped us from wearing a colourful scarf on our heads when a hat seemed like a much smarter option.

5. No Fear T-shirts

Every kid would wear these t-shirts with “No-fear” emblazoned across their chests. Even if they are scared to go into the next building to collect a cricket ball.

6. Wallet Chains

You were a kid with like 20 bucks and a stick of gum in your wallet. What were you trying to protect? We are so glad its not making a comeback anytime soon.

7. Gelled Hair

After Brylcreem and Set Wet advertisements started appearing on TV screens, every kid wanted a tuft of his hair spiked in the front. This Tintin inspired fad went out soon enough but not before every boy tried to spike his hair with water instead of gel and ran through their hair a 100 times in a day.

8. Nick Carter Haircuts

Before Salman Khan in Tere Naam, was the equally awful Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) middle parting which was all the rage in the 90s

9. Boys With Hairbands

Only little girls can carry off hairbands. The rest look silly. Men with slightly longish hair who need hairbands to keep their back look the absolute worst. Abhishek Bachchan popularised this look and you know what that did to his career. Sadly this fad comes and goes.

10. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are those really ugly thick elastic hair ties used to fasten hair. No self respecting fashionista will be caught dead in them. Scrunchies were all the rage in the 90s with these elaborate hairbands looking like colourful doughnuts sitting atop one’s head.

11. High Waisted Jeans

The late 80s and early 90s had a lot of people wearing high-waisted jeans which made even the skinniest of people look like they had a potbelly.

12. Velvet

Velvet, a fabric that looks good only on sofas were very popular in the 90s. Every little girl had a velvet dress she wore on special occassions. Those same girls can’t believe they wore a sofa.

13. Glittery Eyeshadow

The 90s were all about big sparkly, glittery eyeshadows that made people look like a rainbow panda. Thankfully, things have toned down but they were part of every teen’s ‘party makeup’.

14. Big Poofy Hair

An 80s fashion trend, that overstayed its welcome, this birds nest excuse for a hairstyle was way too popular for its own good.

15. Transparent Lip Glosses

Every 90s kid had at least 1 lip gloss. Mango, chocolate, and even the colourless ones they would keep applying 100 times a day to ensure their lips remain shiny enough to blind someone.

16. Tendrils

The beauty pageant queen’s favourite up-do and the go-to glamorous hairstyle for social occasions. A very popular hairstyle of the 90s that makes us want to back in time and cut those off.

17. Matte Brown Lipstick

Whether you call it cocoa, raisin, coffee or chocolate the fact of the matter is, it looked like one’s daily ablutions. Nonetheless, it was every girl’s first lipstick.

18. Ugly Dresses

Dresses with frills, ruffles, huge belts and even that horrendous combination of a dress over a t-shirt made frocks look so so bad.

19. Butterfly Clips

Remember those tiny painful clips people would decorate your hair with? You know you did. Why these doll accessories ever became fashionable remains a mystery.

20. Huge Logos

GAP. NIKE. POLO SPORT. TOMMY. Make sure people can tell what brand you’re wearing from a mile away. Kuch Kuch Hota hai popularised this trend even more than it deserved. We never want to see anything with POLO SPORT again.