How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Having An Affair

The best way to catch out a cheating wife is to trust your own senses?


There are a lot of signs that point to the fact that your wife is having an affair and this article will show you three of them.

1. The first of the signs of infidelity is how all of a sudden she is very protective of her mobile phone. Before her affair began I bet she used to leave it lying around the house and wasn’t bothered who answered it. You will know that your wife is having an affair if she starts to keep her phone in her bag.

2. If you think that your wife is sleeping with another man then take note of her perfume. If she starts wearing more perfume more often then chances are that she is doing this to smell nice for her lover. If on the other hand she is acting suspiciously but stops wearing perfume than her new lover is most probably also married.

3. A real giveaway is that your wife starts being overly nice to you. She might start cooking nicer meals, wanting more kisses and cuddles or buying you gifts for no apparent reason. Sadly there is a reason and it is guilt, she obviously still has a bond with you and is being nice out of sheer guilt. That is just three ways to know if your wife is being unfaithful, there are many more signs and some are even more obvious. Keep in mind though that the best way to catch out a cheating wife is to trust your own senses.

Source by michael