How Drunk Should A Girl Be Before She Gives Consent For Sex?

This Long Island Iced Tea Test gives you the answer

Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in sexual activity. It may take away from the heat of the moment; but it is absolutely necessary for people, whether they are married or have just met, to be on the same page. Not obtaining consent is illegal and is tantamount to sexual assault in many countries, including India. The person who is giving consent should not be high on drugs or alcohol either.

Recently, the Bombay High Court refused to give bail to a rape accused who said he had obtained consent from a woman who was intoxicated on a couple of Long Island Ice Teas.  “IN A case of rape, when a woman says ‘no’ for sexual intercourse, it means she is not willing. Similarly, when she says ‘yes’, it should be a free and conscious ‘yes’… Intoxication cannot be an excuse. If a girl is intoxicated, it means mentally she is not capable of giving free and conscious consent, said Justice Mridula Bhatkar.

Our Long Island Ice Tea Test explains how drunk a girl has to be before she gives consent for sex (image above).

If you still have trouble understanding consent, here’s a cup of tea analogy for you.

Here’s a video in case you find it too long and boring: