How Justin Bieber Said F*** You India By Lip Syncing At His Concert

Hey Justin, next time, just check out the Taj Mahal and leave

Image: Instagram/ Justin Bieber

Forty-five thousand Indians paid between Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 75,000/- to look at Justin Bieber pretend to sing his songs at D.Y.Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

Bieber must have really thought that his fans would lap up any BS that he threw their way. Did he really think that Bieliebers are that stupid? We could go through a list of songs that he lip-synced to but that would be stupid. Instead, let’s tell you about the songs he actually made an effort for. He picked up the guitar for ‘Cold Water’ and sang ‘Love Yourself’. That was it. Everything else was below par.

Comedians Kaneez Surka and Ashish Shakya were some of the first ones to call out Bieber’s bluff on Twitter.


Rahil Mehta who was one of the (un)lucky ones who paid for the concert said, “This was a waste of time. He was chewing gum and wasn’t singing. At one point, he was drinking water and the song came on. It was horrible.”

Sona Mohapatra managed to take digs at actors even as she slammed the concert.

We tried getting in touch with White Fox, the agency that brought Bieber down to India and sent them a list of questions via email. They haven’t responded so far.

Maybe there is some truth to the fact that Bieliebers are mindless drones who will lap up whatever their hero throws at them.

Here is what the Indian Twitterati thought of the ‘Baby’ star.