How Much Do Parents Know about Youtube Stars?

Turns out, quite a lot!

How many YouTube stars are you actually familiar with? Well, we don’t know about you but these parents seem to be pretty hip and up to date with YouTube. We bring to you a video where nine parents are shown pictures of many popular YouTubers as well as their channels like Roman Atwood Family, Jacksepticeye and Liza Koshy. They need to name each one of them. To our surprise, this bunch of parents knew quite a few of them and was able to identify them. Even if they didn’t know their names, they had definitely heard of them. Throughout the video, we hear them commenting on the YouTubers. It is quite fun and entertaining to watch their reactions and passing quirky comments on being told who each of the YouTubers are.

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One of the parents even went on to say “I like YouTube. That’s my primary source of everything.”

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Well, we like YouTube and it is the source of all our entertainment too.

So has the YouTube craze reached your mum and dad yet or are they next in line?