How Much Time Do Working Moms in Mumbai Travel

Mumbai travels. It’s no secret. We travel by trains, buses, rickshaws, and any other means of transport we can get our hands on. In a city where multi-tasking comes naturally to all of us, we took a look at the people who multi-task day in and day out and do it really well: Working Moms.

We surveyed 150 working moms in Mumbai. We tabulated their daily lives, what mode of transport do they use, how much time do they travel, do they carry a dabba with them, how many dabbas do they make and how much they spend in a month on travel.

The Moms we have profiled are typically those who travel by car or cabs and if not by either then AC Buses or in the 1st Class compartments of trains.

This is their schedule:

They wake up at 5:40 AM, wake their kids up at 6:20 AM which is when they also make their dabbas, get the kids into school-buses at 6:50 AM, gulp down their breakfast around 7:10 AM, and leave for work at 7:50.

It takes them roughly an hour to get to work and they are at their desks by 9 AM. In the middle of all the travelling, 60% of them find the time to fight with another commuter.

Malad, Andheri, Sakinaka, Khar, BKC, Dadar, Mumbai Central and Churchgate are the hot spots for women when it comes to offices.

They leave work at 7:30 PM and are back home by 8:45 PM. Dinner is ready by 9:20 PM and they are in bed by 11:20 PM.

85% of women have maids, 97% of them carry their own dabbas to work and they spend Rs. 2,450 per month on transport.