How Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Marriage

These tips will help you bring positivity in your married life

Think about the last few things you said to your spouse. Chances are they were anything but positive and uplifting. There are people in your life that have the ability to sway your mood, and when you are around them, you absorb their energy whether it is good energy or bad. Your spouse is among the most influential people in your life, and you are likely among the most influential people in his or her life as well. If you are constantly nagging your spouse, saying the equivalent of nagging or demotivating messages, or something similar, you need to apply positive thinking tips for a better marriage.


Consider that you are likely the person that your spouse trusts and loves more than anyone else in his or her life. Certainly you want your relationship to be a positive aspect of both of your lives, and positive thinking tips can help. You can start changing how you communicate to your spouse by really paying attention to the words that you speak to him or her, and try to focus on how that message will be internalized. If you find that you are nagging about dirty dishes left in the sink, change your message into something uplifting and motivating. Find something positive to say, such as making a compliment about how nice he or she looks, how great he or she was to the kids earlier in the day, or something similar.


When  you start making small changes with positive thinking tips, you will pave the way for bigger changes to be made. You will start seeing a difference not only in how your spouse acts around you but likely in how he or she communicates to you as well. A small, positive comment said to your spouse regularly can really grow into major changes in  your relationship.

Source by Carla Kaplan