How Railways Catering Scams You For Food

Facebook post shows how you pay double the MRP amount for meals

Credit: Wikipedia/ Nikkul

The Indian Railways, the world’s largest railways network, carried 8.101 billion passengers or more than 22 million passengers a day in 2015-2016. Many passengers choose the Railways as an affordable option to flights. Long-distance railway journeys can extend to over 24 hours and many are dependent on the Railways for their meals as well. But in a country riddled with scams, the Railways is no different.

Protapta Das, shared a Facebook post from a retired IAS officer Shivendra K Sinha, that spoke about a catering scam on board the Yesvantpur-Howrah Express. Workers aboard the train were reportedly selling meals at almost double the cost without showing the rate card to passengers. Das found out about this only when he googled the IRCTC’s rate card. The posts asks passengers to insist on a bill every time they pay for a meal.  Here’s the whole post:

He also shared a link where a Ranikhet Express pantry vendor tries to overcharge passengers:

The post has gone viral and the official account of Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd. has tweeted out the official rates for meals and drinks on board.