How Technology Causes Stress

The part of the person is what one gets out of stress

It is often a commonly observed incident that, the one who comes on cars, at times arrive the last. Although it is generally attributed to the attitude of the person, well there is obviously a hint of reference to the person over dependency on machines and technology enhanced luxuries as well. What do we mean by technology? Technology is referred to as some materials, objects, systems, techniques etc. developed and used to meet the need of human beings. 

Now ‘to meet the need of human beings’ is the need of the hour today. And while being so, it has gone beyond its area of just fulfilling the need of the mankind; it has now become an utter essential, without which mankind is a great handicap. Today, it is not a technology that is being developed to meet the need of the man, but the man who is adapting itself to the cope up with fast paced technological inventions.

And what are the consequences of this adaptation? It is needless to stay that man is a victim, rather than a beneficiary to this adaptation. I am not going to mention global issues like ‘Pollution’ or ‘Natural Resource exhaustions’. Rather it is a more basic and more familiar one. It is Stress. Enormous physical and mental exhaustion and deficiency in working endurance and performance on the part of the person is what one gets out of stress. Although stress can be due to many reasons, a major role is being played by technology. Technology has led a situation of trade off between stress and your physical and mental health. It is not a side effect, rather a direct effect imposed by technology.

Stress is everywhere – at home, at a workplace, at a vacation site, in your car, and everywhere. Just imagine how a pending email or a pending call irritates you.  You are tired of replying to the new years’ wishes. Your toast burns in your toaster, while you were collecting some faxes. You get more assignments from your boss in the weekend and during holidays because you have a laptop and the internet at your service. The mobile network starts giving weak signals when you were in the midst of a telephonic interview or an urgent call with your client. You find it awkward to get a glass of water because you do not find a tap (the outlet eventually works by sensing a glass object in proximity). That is stress for you. And what are its symptoms? Just feel the situations cited above and you know them.

Is there any solution to all these? Well, there is a great possibility that we might find an electronic biosensor which will sense our stress level and display the report on our computer monitor with the help of specially designed software, which will let us know the possible remedies also!

Source by Andrew James