How To Attract a Woman Every Time

Maintain a positive outlook and she is all yours

Have you ever noticed that some men seem to be able to attract a woman almost at will? What is their secret? Is it good looks? Money? Egypt Prestige? Well yes sometimes those things can help. However they are not necessarily essential. Here is what I consider to be one of the most important ways to attract a woman every time you desire.

Just Be Nice!

No matter what they say, a woman always wants a man to be nice to her. I do not necessarily mean that they have to fawn over her or be super sweet. You just have to keep in mind that a woman wants to be around someone who makes her feel good about herself.

You can accomplish this in many ways. First of all, SMILE! You can make a woman feel good about herself when you like yourself and pass this feeling along. Be happy with yourself and show her that you are happy to be around her. There is no getting around it that your smile will lead to her smile.

Another aspect of being nice is to always show courtesy and respect. You want to show her that you are positive and confident. However at the same time, treat her as the princess she truly is. Hold open the door; Take her hand to help her when needed; And pay attention to her. I guarantee you that if you make her feel special, she will absolutely return the favor.

Part of demonstrating a positive outlook to the women you meet is to use some humor. Keep it clean but most women like someone who can make them laugh. This is all part of how you can make her feel special and good about herself.

Girls may say that they are attracted to a “bad boy”. However, the nice guys always win out if they maintain a positive outlook and always treat the women they meet with courty, respect, and good humor.

Source by T William Palmer