How to Be a Crowd Favourite – Tips for a Young Girl with Dreams

Want to be noticed? Here’s how

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Some of us have all been that big girl trapped in a little girl’s body. We are old enough to conquer the world, but too small to be noticed. There are girls like us everywhere who want to rule the world, but don’t know the first step how. The first step involves entering a room full of people who already have their favourite decided.

“I have always had this stage fear, like a clenched fist at the back of my mind,” says Vaidehi Rawool, 20-year-old student at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. “So, every time I tried to even think of going up on the podium, I was always plagued with questions as to why would they listen to me? They’d definitely listen if I was their favourite. I just had to look it up. I had to know how to be a favourite.”

How can we be a crowd favourite? Here are a few things we think will help you out:

1. Research How to Be a Crowd Favourite

You may want to research on articles and theses on how to be people pleasers and how certain attributes can cause people to like you. Wrong idea though. No amount of research can help you be a crowd favourite because no research has been tailored SPECIFICALLY for you.

“See we want to be liked and we’d love it if there was some shortcut formula. But life doesn’t work that way. And you realise you will find your own crowd if you be yourself,” says Ishmeet Nagpal, a 28-year-old social activist and poet.

2. Try to Not Be One

You have your own voice, your own tune, and your own soul. Do not let the words and sighs of others change you. Do not let them mould you, because eventually you’ll turn into someone even you won’t like. Don’t be a crowd favourite, because no one likes someone who tries too hard.

3. Love Yourself

The only path to self-actualisation is to love yourself. True love for yourself can only come from being at peace with who you truly are. Whether you have freckles, or a soft voice, or a short nose, no one has ever said that it wasn’t beautiful. You are beautiful and it is important not to let anyone define that.

4. The Crowd Will Follow

You may not be the most popular girl in school, but that does not change the fact that you have talent.  People know a good talent when they see one. And when they see you, they will not be able to forget you.

As Ishmeet says, “When we realise we don’t need to fit in but rather fit together, then we discover our crowd.”

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