How To Be A Successful Person In An Interview

How to Handle the Common Interview Questions

Are you feeling nervous and think that your heart beats are faster than usual before the interview. Here are few tips to be a Successful person in Interview.

Interview is the art of introspection. An interview is only putting out your inner knowledge and other skills to the interviewer. It usually a conversation between two or more people. It can be compared with theory of host and guest relationship. There are different kinds of interview such as One-to-one Interview, Group interview, Phone interview, Mock Interview, Panel Interview, Site interview, behavioral interviews, Career fair interview, Lunch interview and Exit interview etc.

Tips before Interview:

Get prepared with your updated resume. Collect as much as information about the company which you’re going to attend interview. Time management is the most important factor in any interview. So please arrive at the venue of the interview before 30 minutes from the mentioned time. Avoid last minute hurry which will create more pressure on you which declines your performance. Be neatly dressed and well groomed.

Dress Code for Men and Women

Men’s should wear Long sleeve shirt which is light colored. Suit which is dark colored and wear belts, ties, Dark socks, conservative leather shoes. Please try to avoid jewelry and mobile phones.

Women’s should wear suits which are navy, black or dark grey.  The suit skirt should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably. Light perfume and make up. Try to avoid jewels or use little jewels and avoid mobile phones.

Tips during interview:

Today Interviews are mostly stressful to the candidates as well as the employers. Candidates are stressed to get the right job and for the employer the stress is to get the right candidate. “First impression is the best impression “, for a candidate. So every action of the candidate is noticed by the recruiter such as the way of dressing, walking, the way of entering the interview room and handling the resume etc every thing counts.

While speaking to the interviewer introduce yourself. Stay relaxed and be self confident. Tell your key strengths and never tell your weakness. Be bold and kind. Greet the interviewer before you leave the room.

So remember these tips and mould yourself so that you can stay ahead of others in this competitive world.

Source by Subburam Nattamai