How to Be the Seductive Man of Her Fantasies

3 tips Strategies to Scoring Big With Women!

When you are looking for seductive dating, you are going to need to tap into a woman’s fantasies and become the man of her dreams. Most women fantasize about men who are alpha male types. These men are in control, are assertive, know what they want and are decision makers. Women like men who are confident just as men like women who are also confident about themselves. Being a needy guy who just does everything that she says is not going to earn her respect. Being an ogre who tries to dominate her every move does not work, either. You have to be seductive without being overbearing. Here are 3 tips you can use to become the man of her dreams:

1. Give her plenty of your attention

Notice when she has a new dress or hairstyle and compliments her on it. Pay attention to her when you are out like you are the only couple in the world. Women like men paying attention to them and see this as a sign that the men are not only interested but very attracted to them. Admiration and attention are 2 things that many women crave from men in their lives and they usually complain that they get too little of these. While you do not want to be seen like an incessant flatterer, you do want to make it clear to her that she is more than worthy of your attention.

2. Do not ask for permission all of the time

When you want to kiss her, kiss her. Do not be shy about taking her into your arms and kissing her. The same aspect does not hold true with sex as you need her to grant you permission for this. But instead of shyly asking her if you can give her a kiss, just do it. Again, women like men who take control as well as take their chances. So take a chance, take her into your arms and kiss her!

3. Always walk with confidence

Practice how you walk. You should walk at a pace that makes her assume that you are the king of your world. If you walk in a manner that is hesitant or with your head bowed down, it denotes a lack of confidence. Women notice how a man walks. Instead of jumping around like a dog, licking the boots of the master or being content while on a leash, take a cue from the cat. Walk like a tiger with steady, confident grace. This is the ultimate turn on for a woman!

Source by Harvey Alford