How to Become a Sellout: Republic TV Arnab vs Times Now Arnab

This video shows how Arnab Goswami’s view on cows, food and religions has changed 180 degrees after starting Republic TV

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Arnab Goswami is a journalist who is a nationalist. If Arnab Goswami today would meet Arnab Goswami from a couple of years back, he would punch him in the face. You see, two years back Arnab Goswami was not a nationalist. He was against the beef ban. He was against using food to divide people.

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He used to talk about jobs, corruption and prices: Real issues two years back. Today, he talks about cows.

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Today, however, he supports dividing people along a gastronomic line. YouTube user Gaurav Pandhi, who is also a member of the Congress’ Digital Communication team made this hilarious video of how Goswami’s views on beef and cows have changed. Check it out!