How To Catch A Wife Having Affair

Your wife doesn't love you anymore

Is your wife having affair with her office mate, gym mates, friends or someone close to you? Are you planning to hire a detective to know the truth for the last time? Well, before you do that, read this article first because the information I’m going to tell you is better to read off firsthand. The telltale signs of wife having affair with someone include:


On top of our list is when your wife is no longer confiding you. Be it some plans, kid’s education, expensive bag she just purchased, office parties and whatnot.

Women usually share their secrets to their girlfriends and if one of them is avoiding you, then probably she knows something that your wife is doing.


Your wife created a new email address or social networking account that she doesn’t share with you.

She starts to spend most of her time in the gym and gradually becoming a fitness freak.

A barrage of unidentified phone calls that seem to have a mind of their own and disconnects just moments after you pick up.


Is your wife still wearing the wedding ring? Or, she is constantly forgetting it in the shower? Other lame excuses apply.

Out in the closet, you find exotic lingerie but never seen her wearing it. That’s another good reason to ponder if your wife having affair with someone.


Increased out-of-town business travels or “just” paying a visit to a dear relative or family.

Frequent visits or sleep overs to her girlfriend’s place for some girl talks. Apparently, when you check the place, she isn’t there or nobody’s answering your call.

She seems to have a bad mood most of the time and loves to pick a fight with you.


Your wife arrives very late, finds no time to do the household chores and is very distracted lately.

Receiving mysterious phone calls and answering them in a low voice, hangs up pretty quickly whenever you’re in sight.

She went out for a shopping, returned very late carrying no stuff and couldn’t explain what happened, or again, lame excuses.


You caught her smelling with a scent from unfamiliar perfume or aftershave you don’t even use. A common reason would be perfume shopping with friends.

As mentioned earlier, these are the most common signs of women that are playing with fire. All these years, you’ve been trying to be the “man of one wife” and here you are trying to deal with these issues. What you can do is to confront your wife, find the truth or seek professional help to see if your wife having affair with other men.

Source by Garry Frizzell