How To Catch Your Spouse Who is Cheating Online

Are social networking sites ruining marriages


Your spouse has been acting a little strange. Could that be because they are having an extramarital affair? Many husbands and wives have had that sick feeling in their stomach that something isn’t right, but they just don’t know for sure. And nobody wants to confront an innocent person.

Just knowing whether or not your spouse is being faithful will be an important step for you. If they are not having an affair, that sick feeling in your stomach will go away and your stress level will drop.


However, if they are having an affair you have the right to know because this is the person you have committed yourself to and it’s your decision whether you want to stay with a cheater or not. You have that right.

If your spouse is cheating on you and you are unaware, then your cheating spouse has made the decision for you, that you will live and be committed to a cheater. But that’s not their right. It’s your life and you don’t have to put up with a cheater if you don’t want to. So you need to know so you can move on with your life.

















Some signs that your spouse is cheating are changes in behavior, mood, and appearance, getting caught in lies, excuses to be out of the house longer, a sudden interest in hanging out with “friends”, suddenly ending phone conversations when you walk into a room, not wanting you around when they are online, becoming more distant, and a change in your sex life.


Some easy first things you can do if you suspect your spouse is cheating is to look through your credit card bills. Are there any unusual or unexplainable purchases? The next thing you can do is look through their cell phone. Are their calls to or from names or numbers you don’t recognize? Keep in mind incoming and outgoing phone calls can easily be deleted on cell phones, so just because nothing shows up, doesn’t mean no calls took place.

Have you ever caught your spouse in little lies? People living double lives are often edgy and sometimes they can’t keep their story straight. For example, your husband may say he’s going to hang out with his buddy “Bob.”


Then when he comes home several hours later and you start talking about his afternoon, he says he was hanging out with “Richard.”

If you suspect your spouse is cheating you need to contact an online investigator to find out for sure if your spouse is cheating or not. With the technology available, it’s very simple to know through their email address or cell phone if they are being unfaithful and it’s inexpensive as well. Your peace of mind is worth more than the cost of the investigation.

Source by Ed Opperman