How To Clean A Private Aircraft Interior?

Cleaning a private aircraft interior is a mind boggling task


The matter of cleaning a private aircraft interior is one of extreme importance, and which should be completely understood before attempted. Some of the areas on a private aircraft interior are of incredible delicacy, and therefore you do not want to be cleaning it improperly, possibly causing damage that will be permanent.

How to Clean a Private Aircraft Interior

A private aircraft interior has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into it, and therefore it is incredibly important that if you have a private aircraft or aircraft of any sort that you make sure to have it cleaned properly. If you cannot do it yourself for whatever reason, this means that you must get it done professionally, which is, in fact, the far preferred way in this case.

There are certain parts of a private aircraft interior that should be cleaned daily. This includes the carpeting, as you should check the carpet and upholstery for any types of substances that may be harder to get off if left on longer; ashtrays, as you should remove the ashtray liners and then empty the contents into the trash container; as for any drop-down tables, in this case, you should clean all of the tables using an approved private aircraft interior cleaner and then rinse off before setting back in position.

As for seat belts, you should wipe all seat belts with a cloth that is dampened with an approved cleaner and then place the belts with buckle and tab crossed on the passenger seat. As well, all windows and armrests and other areas should be wiped clean.

In regards to the galley areas, the trash should be removed, countertops should all be wiped with a cloth and with a disinfectant, all microwaves and coffee makers should be rinsed and disinfected and left open to allow to dry, all floors should be properly mopped, all trash containers should be wiped out and disinfected, as well all carpets should be vacuumed and steam cleaned if necessary.

As for items that can be cleaned periodically as opposed to daily, this includes such things as blankets, storage bins, window blinds, ceilings, and windows.

However, if you are not interested in doing any of this yourself, there is always the option of hiring a professional to come in and do it for you, although you obviously will be paying more in regards to their labor.

Source by Rohit Chopra