How To Cure Tonsil Stones

You need to look after the hygiene of your mouth

Tonsil Stones – What are They?

This is not such a commonly known ailment, however, tonsil stones or a zot (tonsillolith), is a collection of calcareous matter that forms at the rear of the mouth near the tonsils, and is more often the result of bad breath (halitosis).

It may feel like a protruding object is lodged in the tonsil crypt (which is in the crevasse near the tonsils). Although it may be a nuisance, it is not harmful. The stones vary in size from very tiny and can be as large as the size of a pea.

The smell from the stones is like rotten eggs or vomit. There are various tonsil stones treatments.

What is a Tonsil Stones Treatment?

The best way to treat this is by changing your daily oral routine, and ensuring that you are performing good daily oral hygiene. There is no magic pill that will instantly cure this problem.

Some people try to squeeze it out by pressing and scratching with their fingers at the tonsils. Other will try and remove them with an implement to try and push them out of the area within the crypts of the tonsil. This is not recommended and can be quite dangerous, as well as it is unhygienic. Instead of making them better, this action can irritate them more and cause them to bleed and feel irritated.

If this is a problem for you, then you need to look at any other issues of your mouth hygiene. By resolving the bad breath issues that you are having, you will also solve had done a tonsil stones treatment that is effective and will give your mouth that nice fresh smell that is much more pleasant.

Source by Simon Lenty