How To Deal With Break Up Pain – Compassionate Advice for Women

Another very effective way to deal with a break-up the pain is to focus on the things about your boyfriend that you didn’t find appealing

When a relationship ends before we’re ready for that to happen, it leaves us feeling all sorts of things. Sadness, rejection, and disappointment are just a few of the emotions you are bound to experience when your boyfriend tells you that he doesn’t want to see you anymore. If you are still very much in love with him, it stings even more. If you are a woman in this position now you’ve probably been in search of advice on how to deal with break up pain. Although it may feel that your heart is breaking into a million little pieces now, there are ways you can push through that so you feel healed and better sooner rather than later.

Learning how to deal with the break up pain begins with recognizing that you have to free yourself of everything that reminds you of your ex. We tend to be sentimental and that leads us to hang onto keepsakes as a remembrance of happier times. Those things are only going to cause pain each time you look at them so you need to throw them out. Get a large trash bag and start purging. Throw out everything that he gave you, every photo of him and anything that reminds you of him. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, so recruit a friend or two to help. They’ll enjoy it and it will help you start to really let go.

Another very effective way to deal with a break up the pain is to focus on the things about your boyfriend that you didn’t find appealing. This may seem to be a bit immature, but it actually works very well. When fond memories start to work their way back into your thoughts, switch them over to something about him that you just found annoying or frustrating. In the short term, this can help you detach yourself from him and you won’t miss him as much. Over time you’ll be able to look back and think of him fondly, but for now, doing that will only cause you more pain.

Source by Gillian Reynolds