How to Decorate Your Room in Less than 1000 bucks

Everyone isn’t an Ambani or a Mittal. Everyone can’t dole out a wad of cash to have their houses look like castles. That in no way means everyone can’t have cool rooms. Even the dingiest of rooms can look gorgeous, and truly unique. If you’ve already spent your summer money on clothes, shoes and games, check out these inexpensive and colourful DIYs that are sure to turn your room into your own personal den.

1. String Curtains
Approx. Cost: Rs. 350-450

image 1, cheap

Shiny, beady, or even plain-simple solid colours, these things are sure to give your room a fun vibe. Or as my friend likes to say, ‘the gypsy look’. You could put them on the doorway, or put them against a wall, or even use it to create a partition for your own corner in the room. For added effects, tape some postcards or photographs all over them and get that extra special touch.

2. Fairy Lights
Approx. Cost: Rs. 200 max.

image 2, cheap

Or simply put, ‘Diwali lights’. You needn’t have these lights up in your house only during Diwali, they look absolutely gorgeous throughout the twelve months. Wrap them around your curtain rod, or nail them to your wall outlining posters. The wackier your lights are placed, the cooler they look. Leave those straight lines for the maths paper!

3. Old Cassettes
Approx. Cost: Close to nothing

image 3, cheapRummage through that cupboard gathering dust, and fish out the cassettes that are crying to be removed from their misery. Simply put it up on your furniture, or as a chequered pattern on the wall. And if you’re ashamed of the music you listened to, paint it over with acrylics. Easy as that!

4. CDs and Beads
Approx. Cost: Rs. 50

image 4, cheapThe only actual cost here is of the stringed beads. Alternatively, you could string them up yourself. For this décor, all you need is old CDS and paste them together with a string sandwiched in between; shiny side up. Hang it up on your doorway, and voila! You’re done. However, for the lazier ones, you could simply paste each individual CD to the bed’s backrest and your room will instantly get a retro look.

5. Postcards
Approx. Cost: Rs. 10 per card

image 5, cheap
My personal favourite, these little art pieces can be put in different ways all around the room. Make it more special by collecting postcards from different cities and add them to your collection. You needn’t even use tape, but instead use this magical little thing called ‘tack’ that doesn’t even leave any marks on the wall. This way your mom wouldn’t mind either! For a more personal touch, use photographs instead of postcards. The more, the merrier.

6. Wine Bottle Lamp
Approx. Cost: Cheaper the wine, cheaper the cost

image 6, cheap

Take the wine bottle, and put fairy lights in. That’s all; you’re done. You can place this new lamp anywhere- be it table-tops or even your bedside. It’s the simplest room hack and possibly the best. You get to drink wine, AND get a new lamp. Could life get any better?