How To Do Hookah!

Reading this very article will help you have the confidence to travel anywhere in the world and use a hookah without being afraid of looking like a fool!


How to do Hookah!

Hookah is quickly gaining popularity throughout the world in this day and age.  Everyone from college students to grandparents partakes in this middle-eastern smoke pipe ritual.  Although smoking hookah is a generally relaxing and fun experience, there a few things you should know before partaking.

Reading this very article will help you have the confidence to travel anywhere in the world and use a hookah without being afraid of looking like a fool!

Here are some rules and tips to have the most enjoyable hookah experience.

If you have to fill your Hookah bowl with tobacco make sure not to stuff it full with tobacco.  Make sure to keep in mind that you need some room for airflow.

When you place the foil on top of the Hookah bowl puncture the foil with a tooth pic starting in the center and making a spiral circle pattern.  Imagine a very neat, round shot gun blast pattern.

Do not fill the water compartment fully with water.  Fill it halfway.  You can also add ice if you would like your smoke to feel cold when going down.

Never light your cigarette from the hookah coals, it’s considered very bad manners.

Use the hookah hose with your right hand. The left hand is considered unclean in many countries.

When pulling the smoke make sure to inhale the smoke and hold it for at least 6-10 seconds in order to feel the effects of the tobacco and the syrup (it provides a sugar high).  After doing this you should be slightly buzzed and in a relaxed state.

When sharing a hookah, place the hose down on the table after you are done taking for the next person to pick up. Don’t pass it directly. If you must pass, use the RIGHT HAND with the tip facing towards you, not the recipient. Turn the hookah toward the recipient or have the hookah placed in a neutral position to prevent tipping. Sometimes the hose is so long that this isn’t an issue.

Use the tongs or (your fingers, be careful though!) to occasionally tap the coals in the tray on the stem to remove ash and keep the coals hot. Replace the coals to a different position on the bowl.

If you are using a multiple hose hookah plug your mouthpiece with a finger so that the person smoking doesn’t suck air.

Many people suggest using punctured foil on top of your bowl underneath the coals. Excessive Aluminum in the body causes Alzheimer’s. Smoking from household aluminum isn’t good for you! Don’t be afraid of smoking from aluminum once in a while, but don’t make it a habit; don’t use household foil on your personal hookah. There is foil available made especially for hookahs. You can also use a screen meant specifically for hookahs. The latter is recommended, but your bowl will last much longer with foil if the holes are punctured correctly.

With the tongs (or fingers), move the coals around the screen occasionally to allow for even burning of the tobacco throughout the session. The center of the bowl should be the place the coals are concentrated.

Some prefer to make Hookah a competitive activity to see who can blow the most smoke (literally).  Most, however, use Hookah time as a very relaxing and leisurely time to spend with friends.  The choice is yours. The tobacco lasts a long time so enjoy it. It is suggested that one Hookah is shared among no more than three people. Some lounges enforce the two people per Hookah rule.  If you have a Hookah in your home you, obviously, make the rules.

When in a Hookah lounge don’t smoke cigarettes unless ashtrays are provided. Take the hint – If there are no ashtrays, then cigarette smoking is probably not allowed, but ask first before lighting up. They may have ashtrays behind the counter for you or they may say no cigarette smoking is allowed in certain areas.

DO NOT use the coal tray for your cigarette ashes.

With respect comes respect, and this process is initiated with the successful mastery of the Hookah and social manners in the presence of other Hookah hobbyists. When you have mastered the Hookah and know fully and demonstrate the social manners associated with it, you may have confidence in enjoying the Hookah anywhere in the world possibly making new friends because of your common love for this exotic pipe.

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Source by Tajwar Alexander