How to Dress For a Country Music Festival

If you want to go for the authentic cowboy look, then a Stetson hat is a must

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If you love Country Music, and want to go to a festival or a concert, but you are not even a little bit country, or worse not even from America at all, it can be hard to get the Country Music look, without overdoing it and standing out like a beginner. So, here’s how to get that look right and dress like a pro.



You don’t have to actually buy a cowboy hat to look country, it’s really up to you. But it is traditional to wear a hat and there are many different styles you can buy in many different fabrics, in felt or straw, with wide rims, or with huge tops. If you want to go for the authentic cowboy look, then a Stetson hat is a must, just make sure it doesn’t look too new and keep to a regular color like cream or black.



For women the hair should either be worn down, and full of volume, or traditionally braids and ribbons, a look that can be hard to pull off on a grown woman, but if done right can look very Country. For men, keep the hair short, and since it is usually worn under the hat anyway, it won’t be seen often.



There are many conventional tops you can wear, a checkered shirt is considered traditional for both sexes, but is not essential, it is alright to go for a plain white, or black. For women tie it above the waist to give a relaxed Country Music feel, for men tuck it into your jeans, sleeveless is fine too, if the weather is really warm.



Denim is a must for the Country look, whether it be a pair or worn jeans or for girls a pair of shorts or skirt. The trick is to make sure the denim is worn, the more worn the better and more authentic you will look, new jeans will make the outfit look overdone and fake. Girls can also get away with full length jeans, although traditionally a skirt would have been worn; in summer women often wear denim shorts to complete the look.



A belt is integral, especially for a man, go for big buckles, or decorated leather rather than plain, the buckle says a lot about you, so have a look around for a good Country style buckle to add to your get up and it will work much better.



A pair of worn cowboy boots is a must, don’t go anywhere with a nice new pair of shiny cowboy boots, as this will look out of place, either buy second hand, or wear your shoes in a lot before going to any concert or festival.

The trick with getting the look right is to look casual, not like you spent all day getting ready and are uncomfortable in all your new clothes. Worn is the key here, worn denim, worn hat, worn belt, and worn boots. Everything should look like you wear it every day, and are completely at ease wearing it. Stiff jeans and shiny new boots just don’t say authentic cowboy or girl to anyone, nor does eccentric colored hats. If you can buy second-hand shoes and hats, all the better, you will likely look the part more than someone who simply went out and bought new clothes. Be bold, be daring, and have the attitude that every cowboy or girl needs and you will pull the outfit off, be shy and self-aware and no one will believe you are a real cowboy.

Source by Joe Hansen