How To Drive Your Woman Wild In the Sack

Rock her world when you two hit the bed


Tired of stupid sitcoms that depict every man as an insensitive jerk towards the women in their lives? In truth, most men love and cherish their women. They want nothing more than to give those special girls the ecstasy they so richly deserve. Contrary to everything we’ve ever been told most women want nothing more than to have their worlds rocked by the men in their lives. And when I say “rocked” I’m not talking about romance. It’s true that romance is the way to a women’s heart. But we’ve all known a woman who truly loved a man and yet chose to run off with a bad boy because of how he made her feel in bed. Do you want that to happen to you? Of course not! We hear all the time that “sex is not all that important to a relationship” “It’s just sex.” No one would dare say “It’s just affection.” “There’s no need for communication in a relationship.” “Who needs money? We can live off pure love.”

Naked lust is just as important—if not more so—than romance, companionship, love, finance, or trust in any romantic relationship. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Look in the mirror and say whatever you need to convince yourself of the truth of what I’m about to reveal. Are you ready? Every woman one would be proud to take home to Mama, in her heart of secret hearts, longs to be that girl a body would love to take home to Papa, if only for a moment. BURN THAT INTO YOUR MEMORY IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE!


Now ask yourself, if there were a way to unlock the primal passion of a woman and simultaneously join her in the ecstatic embrace of unbridled sexuality, WOULDN’T YOU JUST HAVE TO DO THAT? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? To have respect for her needs? To have respect for your own desires? And what if you could ratchet up your own levels of sexual excitement, prowess, and payoff to match your woman’s newfound lust fulfillment, and in doing so make yourself a STALLION in her eyes. Wouldn’t you absolutely require that information? But of course, you would.


Here’s the truth that will set you free. There are only 3 things you need to learn to jack up your performance level to where you can lead your woman into the Promised Land: 1) learn to activate a woman’s primary and secondary erogenous zones 2) become aware of the full powers and capabilities of the penis 3) discover the “spank and caress” method of talking dirty to her. Do these things and she will never cheat on you or leave you. And she’ll come to trust you enough to do almost anything you wish.

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Step 1.Today we’ll be covering step 1 to driving your woman wild. Check back here later for more information on steps 2 & 3, or see the links at the end of this article. Women have two kinds of erogenous zones, primary and secondary. Primary erogenous zones are the ones everyone is familiar with: Mouth, nipples, breasts, buttocks, and genitals. These zones provide the way to incredible pleasure for a woman if properly stimulated. However, most people are unaware that in order to properly stimulate a woman’s primaries first her secondary erogenous zones must reach maximum arousal. THIS IS WHY WOMEN REQUIRE FOREPLAY TO BECOME HIGHLY AROUSED. A woman’s secondary erogenous zones are the nape of the neck, the small of the back, inside wrists, inside elbows, back of knees, thighs, and feet. It is important to stimulate some or all of the secondary zones for fifteen to twenty minutes before any stimulation of the primary zones. DOING SO LEADS TO HEIGHTENED LEVELS OF AROUSAL.


To make this easy, combine food with foreplay. Remember proper attention must be paid to hygiene. You should have already have bathed yourself before you begin. Do whatever you do that gets her to agree to sex. Then tell her you’d like to try something a little different tonight. Assure that her needs are paramount and tonight she will be catered to and pampered like never before. Your ego may not wish to do this but I assure you that if you do you will have better sex than you can possibly imagine. Blindfold her. If you have reassured her properly she will agree to it. Carry her to the bathroom and bathe her slowly but thoroughly. ASK her how she wishes to be touched at every step. Be gentle but firm. It should take no less than 20 minutes to bathe her properly, the longer the better.


Remove her from the tub and carry her to the bedroom or preferably the kitchen if there’s room to lay her down on a large flat surface. If you use the kitchen countertop, cover it with a beach towel or something soft and warm. Lay her down. Have your favorite toppings ready. Cake Icings work well; so do chocolate toppers like Magic Shell or Hershey’s. Butterscotch, caramel, and strawberry ice cream toppings are a must have. Use whichever YOU prefer. Tell her what you do right before you do it. Proceed to strategically place your toppings on the secondary zones that are hairless. Lick off. Rinse with wet towel and repeat. By the time you finish the second round if you took your time she will literally be quivering with delight.


At this time your usual stimulation of the primaries should work well. If you are clumsy at this as well, recall that episode of “Friends” where Courtney Cox describes how to properly stimulate a woman’s seven primary erogenous zones. The key here is mixing it up and dragging it out. Kiss. Fondle breasts. Tweak nipples. Kiss. Fondle buttocks. Kiss. Nipples… breasts… kiss… nipples… buttocks… nipples… etc. Alternate and move very slowly. Torture her with the promise of her own orgasm. Food also can be used here if you still have enough toppings left as you should.


When you reach the genitals, place your lips around the clitoris and apply steady suction like a suction cup. There should be enough room to freely lick firmly around the clitoris in a clockwise motion. This will bring her to a powerful orgasm very quickly so go as slowly as you can stand it. Afterward, her primaries may become extremely sensitive so cease stimulation. Return to stimulation of secondary zones to reboot her arousal faster. Pause, rinse, repeat. At this point, if done properly she will be blubbering, quaking, or otherwise eating out of your hand.


Check back with the author later for steps 2 and 3. But if you’re in too much of a hurry, check out the links below for more tips on pleasing a woman.

Source by Quincy M. James