How To Finger A Girl: Quick Tips For Better Intercourse

These tips will help you score big time with your woman


Many men think that they know how to finger a girl. Oftentimes, all they do is to poke their fingers inside and say that that’s all there is to it. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

It takes a lot more than merely poking your fingers inside to elicit an orgasmic response from your partner. The best way to tackle the task of how to finger a girl is to prepare. The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that your fingernails are clean and trimmed. Since the pleasure zones of females are extremely sensitive, having rough fingernails would surely ruin her pleasure.


You can fire her up with a sensual massage. This stimulates the pleasure receptors on her skin, making her hot and horny. In addition, you can start kissing her body, getting her in the mood. The best way on how to finger a girl is to first get her wet and ready for you.

One of the basic steps on how to finger a girl is by feeling her labia. This is the outer fold of her vagina.  You can check if this part is wet, it will tell you just how ready she is. Move over to the clitoris and start rubbing, this will arouse her more and she will be so wet that you wouldn’t need lubricants.


Now, comes the best part on how to finger a girl. Smoothly insert a finger into her vagina and massage the vaginal walls as you insert your finger. This will make her even wetter than ever and paves the way for her ultimate sexual arousal. Massage her clitoris with your thumb as you insert your middle finger. As she moves her hips to satisfy her craving, try to match her movements with your finger. It would pave the way for a mind blowing orgasm.


With such knowledge in your possession, you would see a dramatic improvement in your sex life. This technique would leave you and your partner sated and satisfied. All you have to do to achieve this every time is follow the basic steps on how to finger a girl.

Source by Chris Cains